Apple updates iWork for iCloud beta with collaboration, printing, and folders

“Apple updated its iWork for iCloud services today with several features that it had previously announced were on their way,” Matthew Panzarino reports for TechCrunch.

“hese center around a bunch of new collaboration tools that aim to make it a good alternative to Google Docs offerings for iCloud users.,” Panzarino reports. “Numbers, Keynote and Pages in iCloud were all updated and you can see the new stuff now at”

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  1. Collaboration has worked already three weeks ago, when it was announced (I has tried it, and it worked perfectly for me and my mother, when we edited a Pages document together).

    What is different about it now?

  2. A couple things:

    You used to only see “X users are sharing this document online”. Now you see the names of who is looking at the document.

    You also can see their cursor location and selection as they move through the document, making it easier to collaborate with someone if you’re also talking with them (phone, iChat, etc.).

    Next I hope they add better rollback features. Currently you can rollback but it’s very difficult to see what changed from one version to the next without comparing docs side by side.

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