iWatch: Apple to make 2014 the year of the smartwatch?

“While rumors of Apple bringing a smartwatch to market have been discussed for years, it is now reaching a crescendo with analysts providing new fodder. In the past week, both Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Muster and DisplaySearch VP of the Greater China Market David Hsieh weighed in,” Jamal Carnette writes for The Motley Fool.

“Munster, who conceded he’s been wrong before, expects the ‘iWatch’ will become a reality in 2014,” Carnette writes. “David Hsieh is even more specific: ‘Apple’s wearable iWatch is expected to come with an 1.7-inch OLED display for men’s watches and a 1.3-inch OLED screen for women.'”

“Lackluster competition and Apple’s rumored plans could make Apple’s smartwatch a must-have product,” Carnette writes. “How are the current participants faring?
In a word, poorly: Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung, reportedly has an astonishing 30% return rate in Best Buy locations. It appears the functionality is severely limited as a stand-alone unit — it must be paired with a Samsung Galaxy device for optimum functionality.”

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  1. If Apple is serious about creating technology they want to use themselves, I don’t see an iWatch ever coming from Cupertino. I can’t see the Apple execs replacing their multi thousand dollar time pieces with a piece of tech gadget.

  2. Will Apple invest in a 100$ iWatch that a subset of the iPhone user base which is a subset of the general population would even remotely consider buying ?
    OR, will Apple become the main provider of $2000 onboard computers for all makes of cars that everybody buys, without even considering the Apple embedded product as a separate purchase ?
    What are those analysts thinking ?

  3. I’ll tell you that Apple analysts will have an orgasm the likes never seen before if Apple EVER comes out with any product with an OLED screen. That’s all they’ve been predicting since it was invented.

    1. They should call it something other than a “phone”. A phone makes and receives calls. That pretty much it.

      They should call it something other than a “pad”. A pad is for sketching and writing notes. That pretty much it.

  4. Apple is not going to make a timepiece…it is going to make a sleek curved (body and screen) wrist worn iPod nano. It will tell time, though. It should be priced at $225 and act standalone like the nano but be improved in style, features, and handholding with any iOS device. It will have to be charged regularly(but we are all now used to that). Look for it to be called something other than the iWatch or even replace the iPod nano. It will not be bulky or it will be a waste of effort. Everybody will want one and most can afford it, so they will buy one even if they are not that excited about it, especially if it integrates well. Airdrop is the best thing since peanutbutter on bread. I transferred 7 high res images from a 5c to a iPhone 5 in a few seconds. Try that with email. Airdrop is the key to a wrist device and iPhone communication and is speedy.

  5. It will be surprising, I dont think they can replace the analog watches made with craftsmanship that will be hard to beat with a digital watch, considering Apple always wants to make premium products at premium prices. Maybe they might use it to again send Samsung scurrying after the bone 🙂

    Maybe more of a companion to its M7 processor and might be just an app in the iphone to make some meaningful information to the users got from the M7. Then they can just partner with Nike who already are making companion products and apps already for use in Apple products.
    I guess will have to wait and find out what Apple is up to, considering the amount of leaks coming out of Apple we wont be kept waiting too long.

  6. I’m still not convinced Apple should waste their time on a Smart Watch, but if they do make one I have a suggestion. I’d like parts of it to be able to change color to match whatever you are wearing. Give a good range of shades in the choices too.

      1. Actually that word did come to my mind while writing it. Great minds think alike!

        Now if it did it on it’s own that would be truly amazing, but I’d be satisfied with just the ability to change it myself.

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