Convicted patent infringer Samsung claims it only owes Apple $52 million in damages trial

“An attorney for Samsung says Apple deserves less than a quarter of the $380 million it’s asking jurors to award it in a patent dispute between the two companies,” Paul Elias reports for The Associated Press.

“Samsung attorney Bill Price said Wednesday during opening statements of a new trial between the two technology giants that Samsung owes Apple $52 million,” Elias reports. “An Apple attorney, Harold McIhenny, argued earlier for the $380 million figure. A previous jury concluded that 26 Samsung products copied Apple’s scrolling function, iPhone design and other features.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No need for Lucy to ask ’em if they’re smoking crack.

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  1. They “only” owe 52 million dollars? That is chump change compared to how the Obama government owes Trillions of dollars “that with a capital T” to China! Samsung is lucky they “only” owe 52 million.

    1. Wayne, try checking your facts. The U.S. only as a $17 Trillion deficit, and China holds very little U.S. debt. Most of the debt is the U.S. owing itself through entitlement programs, etc.

      But thanks for trying to turn MDN into a political cat fight. /s

  2. Well, I’m glad that that useless paid for by Korea judge wants Apple and Samsung to go into mediation talks. That’s a very useful use of time and resources. Nice going there you Korean troll sitting in judges robes!

  3. They only owe $52 million? Why, that’s chump change compared to the $6 trillion borrowed by the Bush administration from China to finance two failed wars, tax cuts for the wealthy and bailouts of deregulated institutional gamblers that took the U.S. from an annual surplus of $400 billion to an annual deficit of $1.3 trillion in just eight years, a deficit that has since been halved by the Obama administration.

    Oh, but that’s OK — according to Dick Cheney, “Deficits don’t matter; Ronald Reagan proved that.”

    1. I understand the temptation to respond to people like Wayne. I have succumbed to that temptation on a number of occasions, but am trying to break the habit. We will not solve any political topics on this forum, and that is not the purpose of MDN, anyway.

  4. Not understanding what is happening at the trial. I thought Apple should be going for $2.1 Billion, since the infringement was $700 million and since it was ruled willful then the damages are 3x the amount.

    How a company can willfully steal property and then get extreme profits is beyond me.

    Why have a patent law system if the judges will not enforce the laws?

  5. Conviction only happens in criminal cases and can only be done by the government.
    Apple v. Samsung is a lawsuit about money in the civil court system. Samsung lost, no one was “convicted.”
    Quit spreading legal ignorance MDN.

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