Carl Icahn: I had a ‘good conversation’ with Tim Cook; we both believe Apple is undervalued

“Carl Icahn told CNBC he had a ‘good conversation’ with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and both believe that the company’s stock remains undervalued,” CNBC reports.

“Apple’s Cook told Icahn that he’s still studying Icahn’s proposal to buy back $150 billion worth of the company’s stock,” CNBC reports. “‘If they don’t do it, we’ll test the waters and see if the shareholders want us to do it and if we could win,’ Icahn told CNBC. ‘We’ve said we’re not going away. I’ve said that to Tim and I’ll say it again.'”

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    1. Based on looking at itunes software and how they managed to turn this already bloated ware into A CONVOLUTED CLUSTERFUCK PIECE OF GARBAGE WORTHY OF MICROSHIT, the stock should be not worth more than $5.

      Thanks again Tim Cook you ASSHOLE! You will manage to get the stock there.

  1. Icahn,

    There’s a big difference between agreeing the stock is undervalued and agreeing Apple should go into $150 BILLION of debt to buy back stock.

    The world would be a better place if you sell your AAPL stock and never touch the company again.

  2. That man is a fucking virus. Please pay no more attention to him, he’s a cancer that will do no more than harm the company. If there were a way to just buy out his investment firm and shut him up, I’d do it.
    All he is, is a parasite. Can’t innovate anything of value on his own, so he must take the profits of orhers. Ass clown.

    1. Carl Icahn is “The North End of a South-bound Mule”..or…the South End of a North-Bound mule. Any way you look at him= same view!!!
      To mix animal metaphors a bit…
      Icahl is proof that, as my mother used to say, that
      “There are many more horses asses than there are horses.”

  3. I’ve said that to Tim and I’ll say it again.

    That’s nice Carl. Did you know you’re an asshole? Try creating something for a change. Playing financial games is merely playing financial games. So please keep your rectal excrement to yourself.

  4. Undervalued, yada, yada, yada. And so, yada, yada, yada. And Apple is down again today because of yada, yada, yada.

    Sorry, but I’ve heard enough yadas and would like to see a little more upward share price motion if that’s not asking too much. Priceline already kissed $1100 a share and the general stock market seems healthy enough for it to share a little with Apple.

    1. Priceline is no Johnny-come-lately. And it’s a well-run company. I have done well in PCLN since the mid-$300 range. Options only after it hit $450. That’s where a good chunk of my AAPL money went after AAPL hit $700 last September and I cashed out. Instead of hoping that AAPL would regain some of its upward momentum you should have been investing in PCLN. Rather than complaining about PCLN, invest in it. Watching and complaining never made anyone any money. Never. You know you are not tied to any one stock as an investment. Not AAPL or any other stock. Unless you made the mistake that apparently a lot of folks here have done, invested solely in AAPL. To that I can only say diversify. Hoping that a stock goes up doesn’t help. Just as watching the PCLN train go by for years and not jumping on doesn’t help either. It’s your money. Make the right decisions when you invest it.

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