Apple plays hardball; hurts Google, kicks Microsoft when it’s down

“Tucked in amongst Apple’s several hardware debuts last month was the announcement that the company would stop charging for its OS X and iWork office-suite software,” Scot Finnie writes for Computerworld.

“Apple is blowing Microsoft’s doors off on mobile market share. The long-time roles of these two companies have reversed: Microsoft’s not only losing the mobile OS war, winning is a long shot at best. And Apple is playing its position to the hilt, trying to disrupt Microsoft’ s business model. At first I wasn’t sure this was really happening, but the evidence shows that it is,” Finnie writes. “The Ballmer announcement, the faltering of Windows 8 and Surface Pro and the tiny Windows Phone installed base are just some of Microsoft’s recent failures. Apple is subtly kicking Microsoft when it’s down.”

“Apple is framing its market position and value proposition for both i-devices and the Mac against those of Microsoft and Google,” Finnie writes. “Not only is Apple not going to lease its mobile and desktop business suite software for $100 a year, it’s offering them for free just like Google. The iWork apps may not be up to a comparison with Microsoft’s Office 365, but they make the Google Docs apps look like toys. What’s more, Cupertino seems to be pressing for increased Mac market share.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As far as we’re concerned, there’s simply no way Apple can bean ’em in the head then kick ’em in the face enough times. More, please!

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    1. His missteps, long and loudly decried here at MDN and elsewhere by a seeming inexhaustible supply of top-notch industry observers, strategic analysts, and world-class designers — if missteps they be — are as nothing to the errant stumbles of other megalithic beasts on the moor, many now sinking into the mire with a grim finality.

  1. As we come down the road and people see the value in Apple and their offerings there will be more and more Apple Products sold …..

    As for computers, gone is the day you had to have MicroShaft and Giggles is appealing to some but giving up your privacy will always be an issue with Giggles and that concern is growing as more and more bad press pollutes their goodwill offerings …..

        1. Bill Clinton woke up yesterday realized he is not happy with Obamacare broken promises. Bill wasn’t a horrible President, just had poor judgement in personal situations that had no place in the Oval Office. Take it to Motel 6!

    1. No. Apple never gets a look at anyone’s fingerprint data ever. They’ve spelled that out quite clearly. There is such a thing as justified paranoia. But I don’t think that applies in this case. Go read all about what damage the NSA and the Bush/Obama administrations are doing to the world if you want some hard core justified paranoia.

      Oh and, HELLO NSA! Having a nice day I hope! 😉

  2. Apple is playing its best strategic “game” and it is beautiful to watch. It is a competitive game, like any sport, including the pugilistic arts, and also chess. But Apple is competing with a lot more class than most of its competitors. In my view, journalistic “tough talk” (like kicking people when they are down) poorly expresses the reality of what is happening. Apple is simply doing what it has always done to give its customers a cool user experience. It just so happens that MS and Google cannot find their way to the bus that Apple is on, which is slowly pulling away from the curb.

  3. I agree with the other Tom. I have said before in this forum that I believe Steve Jobs was the master chess player and had many of these moves built into his strategy before his demise.

    He saw Tim Cook as the relief player to follow that strategy and ultimately get the win. Knowing that the other players are reactionary fit perfectly into that strategy.

    1. You should start looking for your next gig. Real companies don’t base their business on offerings from a company with a history of pulling the plug on things. Any Google Doc is being scanned by Google (so much for business espionage, just give it to them) and may disappear altogether if Google decides it’s not making money from offering the product. Dumb move.

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