What’s an active user worth?

“Apple has sold 700 million iOS devices. Google claims one billion Android device activations,” Horace Dediu writes for Asymco. “Microsoft has about 1.5 billion Windows users and Facebook about 1.19 billion. LinkedIn has 259 million users and Twitter has 232 million. Amazon has 215 active account holders and PayPal 137 million.”

“Markets place a value on these users implicitly when company shares are priced. For example, Twitter whose users are worth about $110 or FaceBook’s $98 and LinkedIn at $93,” Dediu writes. “This consistency suggests a universally accepted value per social media user but what is the value of an ecosystem user? Apple, Google, Microsoft and even Amazon aspire to enable ecosystems which should be seen are more valuable than mere communities. Ecosystems enable a higher level of economic activity because they are unbounded by the medium itself. Any number of media can be created. Or so the theory goes.”

Dediu writes, “If we could determine a value for an ecosystem user we could test it against the going value of a social media user. Fortunately we have enough data to do so.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. From me: Apple/AT&T together get about $1400 per year in iPhone upgrade fees and monthly cell service.
    Apple gets about 600 + 400 in gift cards per year the on iTunes/iBooks/app store from me..
    Apple gets another 600-800 per year from for Mac computers considering about a 4 year amortization and accessory purchases.
    When you add all that up, Apple has a lot of my money.

    1. Apple the apple stuff I’ve bought, not including content:
      Apple 2plus monitor-2 floppies
      Apple 2e w monitor-2 floppies.
      Mac 128k
      iPod 20 gig- not sure of the exact model- right after iTunes became available on Windows.
      iPhone 3g 32g, iPhone 4s 32g, iPhone 5s 32g
      iPad 1 64g cellular
      2012 iMac 27″ i7, high end graphics, no SSD. Wireless and Extended keyboard, Apple’s track pad.

      Note the gap between the Mac 128 and the iPod. Note the two year cycle of iPhone upgrades. Note the increasing value to Apple. Except the 2plus in ’81 was almost as much as the Mac in 2012. The total price for the 2plus was almost 5k but that included software and a printer. In addition, we added a 10g harddrive and a z80 co-proccessor. It was expensive. It did prove it’s value by the “what if” capability in Visicalc.

      I’ve bought 2 ACER laptops and 4 ACER LCD/LED monitors but besides that no other computer vendor has earned my loyalty. ACER made a major mistake with my newest laptop from January 2013 by including a SD slot that does NOT support SDHC or SDXC. That chip probably would have added $3 to the cost of the laptop. I’m seriously hoping that the ACER laptop will be the last windows machine I need to buy, ever. I’m using the Mac about 70% now for work, increasing by about 5% per month. That’s about right six months from now, I’ll be using the Mac 100% for work. Lot slower then hoped but still a major threat to Microsoft.

  2. Minimum for almost any average Joe Business has to be $40, at least …..

    Because I like Ford Trucks and they are expensive, I would figure I’m worth a lot more to Ford than the $40 ….. Maybe $300, I’m thinking …..

    Apple, that is a another one that is way over average, for sure, and I’m going with $165 on Apple …..

  3. If I kept count on the amount I spend on Apple everything, I would sell my Mac and iPad stop using my iPhone and go read a book and go play chess with real people. That’s why I don’t keep count of the money I spent.

  4. I’ve used Apple products since ’84 and will continue to do so. Like all consumers, I vote with my dollars and Apple has never let me down. In fact, I have done more with my Macs accidentally than I have ever done with a PC on purpose.

  5. LCII, Quadra, Power Book, iMac Bondi Blue, iBook, iMac Flower Pot, iBook, iMac Flat Screen, MacBook Pro, 2x Mini’s, iPod 1, iPod Shuffle, iPod Color, 3x iPod touches, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone 5, 3x iPhone 5S’s, Music and Apps

    Wow, scary, since 2002, I have been worth about $20K to Apple. Lacie, Asus and Logitech have made a few bucks along the way too.

    Loved every product but the crappy early iBooks, they sucked!

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