“Andrew Wilkinson of Miller Tabak & Co. notes Icahn Associates clocks in at #23 on the list of the biggest Apple shareholders, at around 0.5%,” Brendan Conway reports for Barron’s.

[F]or all the fuss, and we know just how vocal Mr. Icahn can become on television, his fund holds around 0.5% of shares outstanding at Apple. Granted that’s worth a tidy $2.5 billion but it is well down the pecking order. Icahn Associates’ holding of 4.7 million shares compares to 47.0 million held by Apple’s largest investor – Blackrock – which owns 5.2% or 47 million of Apple valued at $23.5 billion at current prices. Based on his near-hour long appearance on television over lunch, perhaps we should expect to hear the Blackrock folks take to the airwaves all day Friday to pitch their case for how Tim Cook needs to run his company. – Andrew Wilkinson, Miller Tabak & Co.

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds familiar:

This isn’t Dell, thank Jobs.

Apple has a market cap of $445 billion. Icahn reportedly has just over $1 billion in AAPL. His “large” stake is actually around 0.22% of Apple; not 20%, not even 2%. He’d need to quadruple his current “large” stake just to get to 1%.

Icahn’s stake is “large” to him, not to Apple. To Apple, it’s a drop in the ocean.

So, while he can squawk on Twitter and other media, less than a quarter of one percent doesn’t buy him a lot of financial leverage to “force” Apple to do anything beyond a yawn. At 0.22%, he’s lucky Tim even bothered to pick up the phone.MacDailyNews Take, August 14, 2013

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]

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