Apple’s OS X Mavericks adoption 3X faster than OS X Mountain Lion

“Just 24 hours after launch, the newest revision of Apple’s desktop operating system is responsible for 5.5 percent of all North American web traffic originating from Macs, a new study says,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider.

“Online advertising network Chitika, who also tracked adoption of OS X Mountain Lion after its release last year, said that Mavericks adoption ‘significantly outpaces’ that of its feline sibling at the same point,” Cole reports. “Mountain Lion, released last summer, took four days to reach the 5.5 percent threshold, according to the company’s measurements.”

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      1. I was only able to upgrade one 2009 iMac our of two iMacs and two Mac Pro’s I own. I am proof Mac’s last a mighty long time. In fact I wish they weren’t so darn reliable or long lasting so I would be “forced” (with a mighty grin on my face) to upgrade more!

    1. “For free, some would even take a flu shot on the forehead.”(Popular saying in Brazil. Loses a bit in the translation…)

      But you’d have to pay me to use Windows 8… a lot.

      1. Nah, I meant 100x as a take on the “3x” used in the article
        title. Besides, if it’s free then it is any number of “x” less expensive than any price, considering all the magical
        mathematical properties we impart onto zero. I predict
        that very soon someone will post a “you get what you pay for” themed comment, perhaps just for fun or perhaps due to some functionality conflict they encountered when installing the OS named after a horse.
        I’m about 72% sure of that prediction.

    1. wow, Snoop Dogg the rap artist. This is nearly as
      thrilling as when the guy from that soup ad left a post
      about his experience with external firewire drives.
      It just goes to prove that celebrities are real people
      who care, too.

  1. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’m still nervous about adopting a .0 release in a production environment, especially with four-year-old Adobe CS5 software as the engine of our marketing department, and a Windows-based IT department running our campus network.

    Guess I’ll wait till the update…

    1. I just updated a lab of 40 computers with adobe cs5 master collection. Worst part was the two minutes it took to reinstall java for the adobe software and ignoring the icloud log in. Otherwise the users were back up and running as if nothing happened from the previous day

  2. Does anyone know if MS Office 2011 apps- particularly Outlook 2011- work alright in Mavericks, or are they broken? I want to upgrade ASAP, but must be able to continue to use Outlook without a hitch. Thanks for any feedback from those on this board that may have had experience with this!


        1. I still use iMovie HD, because “it just works”
          (somewhere I have heard that before)
          …. and it’s successors do not.
          I like software that is elegant and intuitively
          simple to use. When those aspects of
          usage disappear in successive releases
          I stick with the release that does what
          I need it to do.
          I also still use Appleworks because it
          can do things in it’s drawing and painting
          capacities that I have not found with other
          software programs.
          So I keep Snow Leopard alive on the last
          mac pro that will run it.

    1. I am using all Office 2011 products… Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook without any issues. My co-worker has been using Maverick since prior to the Golden Master release and has no issues with Outlook 2011 or its siblings. Upgrade ASAP.

  3. For those who don’t need iCloud (or don’t want ANY clouding) for their synchronizations: DON’T USE Marvericks!
    Local synch is dead with Marvericks… Instead of just few inches of cable between your iPhone and your Mac, you’ll need to spend some servers boiling to synch two devices, even you’re sitting in the same room! This is totally insane!

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