Apple’s Mac Pro: So what’s a D300, D500 and D700 anyway?

“We have more details on the new Mac Pro D300, D500 and D700, including their architecture class,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh.

“In Schiller’s presentation he remarks that ‘if you know what D300′s cost and high speed flash you are actually super impressed with this pricing,'” Frausto-Robledo reports. “With the D300 he was referring to the new dual FirePro GPUs in the new Mac Pro. But the funny thing was…he was referencing a product name that is unknown because it was created only for the new Mac Pros themselves. So how could anyone know what a D300 cost? You would need to know what it is based on.”

Frausto-Robledo reports, “Well, we think we have that pretty well figured out.”

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    1. No, I don’t think so, BLN. Apple engineered short and efficient thermal paths to cool the two graphics cards and the motherboard. The fan appears to be designed to pull through a large volume of air at low speed, thus combining excellent thermal dissipation with low noise. I don’t know why you have a negative outlook on most things associated with Apple, but I trust Apple hardware engineers to do their jobs properly.

      1. Have you witnessed the MacMini on full throttle? Near to boiling point temperatures on the CPU die and a fan that sounds demented. Now I’m sure Apple’s engineers are very competent, but have a look at the specs, it says 470W maximum power draw. Now imagine one of those 500w halogen exterior bulbs about 12″ from your hand, that is HOT and not something you could sustain. So with the MacPro MkII, I fully expect the Apple engineering team to push the thermal envelop to it’s maximum, ie. expect heat and noise at full throttle. So you ask, who uses full throttle? Me, every time I push my HD footage through Compressor on all cores.

    2. @ Ballmer’s left nut – your an amazing waist of time – find a new life maybe? – Though you’re a good study on how lonely someone can get and what they do with their time.

      1. gaiv, you are the one _wasting_ time. Leveling insults at people has no place. Stick to the topic or go home.

        I suspect that the fan in the new Mac Pro will be humming well above 15 dB when doing any intensive tasks.

        As Apple continues to make things thinner and smaller — a pointless exercise for desktop workstations, in my opinion — the thermal issues definitely become more problematic. We can only hope the engineers in Cupertino have them solved. Past history shows that laptops would often get uncomfortably hot — so much so that 3rd party accessory makers started designing cooling stands for them.

    3. All part of Apple’s strategic planning, BLN!

      Combination of supercomputing power – PLUS – coffee warmer, bagel toaster, popcorn popper ALL IN ONE!

      Let’s see Microsnot put that in their Surface and click it!

  1. Yeah, the thing has a “limited” market so it’s a joke? If Tim Cook had any idea what he was doing, he would carpet bomb every publication, every television network, cable, etc., promoting this thing to the corporate and government markets. They’ve never seen anything like this, they need it, and Apple just needs to be sure they understand its power. Want to see AAPL back at $700? This is the way to get there. But, just watch – Apple will keep it a secret while promoting mobile devices that actually need no promoting. Tim Cook era, folks. It is what it is.

  2. It’s more expensive than I thought it
    would be. The old Mac Pro is apparently
    no longer for sale on the web site.
    Probably you have to call in, see if
    they have any left down in the warehouse.

    I’ll take a ‘made in china’ version
    of the new one for base $1299.

    But seriously, folks…
    I’ll bet this is the last iteration of the Mac Pro,
    and they only reason it got released is that it’s
    likely one of Job’s last pet projects and the
    fellas all made a commitment to him to
    see it on to the shelves and to build it in
    Texas America.
    Betcha they lose money on it and it’s
    gone in three years. Bet it’s already a
    projected write-off for that period.
    Then like the G4 Cube got flattened
    down into the Mac Mini, this mac pro
    get flattened down into a hockey puck.
    The Apple Puck,
    with the new A12 ‘Slapshot’
    (designed in California)

    Oh, god, I can’t wait.

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