Study: Apple converting more U.S. Android users to iPhone

According to a new survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, more U.S. iPhone customers came from the ranks of Android users during this year’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch than they did during last year’s iPhone 5 launch.

“Ideally, Apple attracts a significant percent of its customers from Android and other systems,” CIRP partner and co-founder Mike Levin said in a statement. “At the most recent launch, though, Apple saw an increase in the share of customers that already had an iPhone. Perhaps because of the declining base of non-smartphone owners, a smaller percentage of iPhone buyers upgraded from a basic or flip phone, compared to the year-ago launch.”

According to CIRP’s survey graph, in September 2012, roughly 16% of iPhone buyers upgraded from Android phones. This September, with Apple’s launch of the 64-bit iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, approximately 21% of iPhone buyers upgraded from Android phones.

CIRP: iPhone buyers, Sept. 2012 vs. Sept. 2013

Source: CIRP

MacDailyNews Take: The awakening is accelerating!

Update: 8:00pm EST: Rewrote third paragraph for clarity as per comments below.

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  1. “According to CIRP’s survey graph, in September 2012, roughly 16% of Android users upgraded to Apple iPhone. This September, with Apple launch of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, approximately 21% of Android users upgraded to Apple iPhone.”

    ??? Unless the statement relates to some other graph not shown, I think you mean to say 16% of iPhone purchasers in 9/2012 were prior Android users and that ‘iPhone purchaser share’ for 9/2013 increased to 21%. Bad editting/spinning.. If it WERE true that 16%/21% of Android users switched over to iPhone sales would be MUCH better.. 😛

    1. @Xennex1770

      Agreed. They butchered that sentence. It should read that 16% of iPhone purchasers were former Android users. A very different statement than 16% of Android users switched to iPhone. I am an iPhone user, but facts are facts.

  2. It’s hopeful for Apple but it’s going to be a very slow process of converting Android users as long as Samsung is around. When a company keeps flooding the market it’s just hard for retailers not to push those particular products or they’ll get stuck with massive amounts of inventory.

    Samsung seems quite prepared to take huge financial losses in order to ruin Apple’s mobile hardware business. Apple would really have to focus on holding on to the high-end smartphone and tablet business for a few years in order to make Samsung give up. Samsung would eventually end up in the same situation Nokia did when it’s high-end product gains couldn’t offset the low-end product losses. The more third-world countries Samsung tries hold market share in will cause greater losses for the company if their high-end products don’t sell in high enough quantities.

    It’s still going to be a drag on Apple’s market share gains which is going to continue to be detrimental to Apple shareholders. Apple absolutely needs to seek outside revenue other than what they’re getting from mobile hardware sales. Every new category of mobile hardware Apple creates will immediately be attacked by Android copycats.

  3. Blackberry is dropping like a rock …. Next year will be even worse for them ….

    Should Apple release a couple different sizes and models, they will rule he market, if they can manufacture fast enough …. They need more output, waiting 3 weeks for a phone turns some people off ….

  4. I ask people I know what their next phone will be and why. One said they will replace their Android phone with a new one because, “it has more features than the iPhone”. I say, “Good for you!” I love my iPhone 5s.

    1. Yup. It’s “new,” so it must be better, right? Fact is, any good smartphone is going to continue to be a good performer for at least a couple years. But people are entranced by shiny shit and gimmick words and the sense of status of having something that’s “new,” even though it’s basically the same thing as last season’s phones. Finances be damned — without all the latest crap, fanboys lose their appearance of “having it all.”
      I just see these Verizon commercials with parents and their children of all ages carrying the latest and greatest cell phones. And they just HAVE TO HAVE this year’s model because… because… because… there’s 15 more megapixels on this year’s camera!!!

      Who the fuck cares? Why not invest that money so you’re not living paycheck to paycheck?!?

      1. Wow, a voice of reason! I would not be surprised if you were from the older generation.

        I never could and still can’t understand the gotta have it now and in six months gotta have that one now though process. Then these same people can’t pay their bills. Just his week my 7 year old flip phone bit the dust. I guess I’ll get an iPhone now. But it’ll be a 4s, prices are great for those.

        1. Thank you for your kind words. I was hoping someone would say this instead of calling names like “Samsung/Gaagle/Fragmandroid shill” but it’s true, know what I’m sayin’? I am an Apple fan, but also an old soul. I still have my ’84 Mac that I got on my 16th birthday. I still have some great computer games for that joint. Good times. I guess the spirit of the ’80s is long gone except for a select few.

        2. It is still there to a much larger degree than you might think. We just are not generally as vocal as some of the other groups. But that’s OK because it is difficult to change people’s opinions these days. Many people cling very tightly their preferred and flawed simplification of the world.

      2. They are children, and behave as such…or so the forces of advertising believe, and they appear not too far off the mark as far as consumer choice is concerned.

        Excess, and a sense of privilege and entitlement, seem to accompany each new generation’s emergence into the cultural and commercial scenes. And each generation turns up their noses at the values of the previous one, ignores the lessons of its mistakes and dares to repeat them, sure of a different outcome. World without end, it would seem.

        1. The problem, at least to me, seems like that today’s commercials are too “in your face” about advertising. I think commercials should be more humble about their mission. That is why I loved Apple’s commercials in the 80s, 90s, and to a certain extent, today. My favorite commercial was the “Think Different” set which showed icons of the 20th Century, with those simple 2 words. If more media were like that today, then maybe people would not be so stressed out today. We live in a rush, and don’t really appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

  5. And you can count my Step-Son as a switcher as of yesterday. He finally ended his 2 years (which he claimed was an eternity) of “Droid Regret.” Next time listen to your parents!

  6. An Android user with a fancy looking phone asked me to take his picture in a sculpture garden. It took 30 seconds for him to explain how the camera GUI works.

    The best thing about android is the weird color temperature of the screen display – it’s almost like looking at life lit by horrible fluorescents.

  7. The one main benefit of the subsidy model of selling wireless service is that the actual price of an iPhone is effectively masked and vast majority of consumers truly believe that they are paying $200 (or $100, or even $0!) for their phone. Because of that, they find it easy to justify frequent upgrades to their device, making the life cycle of a mobile phone needlessly short.

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