GTAT able to supply sapphire for over 30 million iPhone screen covers due to Apple funding

“US-based crystal growth solution and equipment provider GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) has announced that Apple will pre-pay US$578 million to secure sapphire supply,” Jessie Lin reports for DigiTimes Research.

“GTAT will be able to use the funds to set up additional sapphire production capacity which will produce enough sapphire to make 5-inch screen covers for 33.79-50.56 million iPhones a year, Digitimes Research estimated,” Lin reports.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sapphire is for Touch ID, camera covers and, quite possibly, iWatch first, not likely for “5-inch screen covers” for iPhones, yet.

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  1. All we know is that Apple will be using this for some device. The company demonstrated that the glass can be made to an iPhone size.
    The question is whether the glass will provide all the other required features (compatible with touch screen and display tech), provide greater shatter protection and be cost effective.
    GT sounds small enough that Apple could buy it and prevent other companies from using the same tech.

  2. “5-inch screen covers for 33.79-50.56 million iPhones a year”

    So in other words, this won’t be for the iPhone screen, because it’s not nearly enough capacity.

    1. My thoughts exactly. If they can produce this volume per quarter you could make an argument for phone screens. However the area of 30 million 5″ screens seems like it would be enough for Touch ID on every iOS device and camera lens and have capacity remaining for watch screens.

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