Apple’s Mavericks Mail update released to developers following AppleSeed testing

“Apple appears to be making progress with its upcoming fix for Mail in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, as the company distributed a build of the update to developers late Wednesday,” AppleInsider reports.

“According to people familiar with the forthcoming update, Apple made the Mail Update for Mavericks available to developers outside of the AppleSeed community for further testing, the next step toward a public release,” AppleInsider reports. “Users have taken to Apple’s Support Communities forum to air their concerns about Mavericks Mail’s many issues, with one of the largest threads, pertaining to Gmail folder behavior, now at over 20,500 views.”

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According to 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman, “The update should be available for all users in the coming weeks.”

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  1. Occasionally OS X mail doesn’t play nice with Gmail and/or Yahoo Mail. There’s nothing inherently wrong with OS X mail, it’s a matter of how mail categorises Gmail and Yahoo mailbox behavior.

    To reconcile mailbox behavior, all you have to do is right click on the mailbox that’s not syncing and select ‘junk mail’ folder or ‘sent mail’ folder. This will force mail merge and mail will show up in the right folders.

    I have nothing but praise for OS X mail. Much easier to use than MS Outlook and looks cleaner too. iOS 7, on the other hand…is truly cringeworthy.

    1. Check that your mail settings are congruent with iClouds settings. Select ‘always use this server’ for outgoing mail. Make sure iCloud mail is authenticated via iCloud tokens.

  2. Mail works fine for me with my Gmail account.

    But what Mail did not do was read in my old local storage files in Mail when I set-up my new MacBook from from my TimeMachine backup.

  3. I don’t use Gmail, but I have wonkyness with Apple Mail anyway. It functions OK, but it shows incoming messages continually, many millions of them, 24/7. This afternoon the counter was at 37 million. Then it paused for a while and started all over again. I am fairly sure I don’t have 37M emails in my mailbox (though maybe I have now ;-).

    I hope the coming update fixes this.

    – “I’m sure it’s just a minor glitch!”

  4. Still boggles me that so many people choose to use gmail. Don’t these folks know that Google is just pouring through their personal emails extracting information about their contacts, habits, topics, and interests?

    We make such a big deal out of NSA spying and snooping, but seemingly ignore that Google is pretty much doing the same thing.

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