Apple’s yellow iPhone 5c is a lemon

“Consumers have spoken, and they really hate Apple’s yellow iPhone 5C smartphone,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“Consumer Intelligence Research Partners of Chicago conducted a survey of iPhone 5C and 5S buyers to determine the most popular models in the first month of availability for the new handsets. The results showed a disdain for the yellow-hued iPhone 5C smartphone,” Seitz reports. “Roughly equal numbers of consumers bought the other colors of the new midrange iPhone 5C handset, but they turned up their noses at the yellow model. The most popular color for the plastic-backed device is blue, which was picked by 27% of buyers, followed by white (25%), green (21%) and pink (20%). Yellow was the choice of just 7% of iPhone 5C shoppers.”

“Hopefully for Apple it didn’t make too many of the yellow iPhone 5C. Otherwise it could have an embarrassing inventory problem,” Seitz reports. “Women are more likely to buy a yellow iPhone 5C than men. CIRP says 10% of women bought the yellow model, vs. 4% for men.”

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    1. I teach my 6 year old granddaughter to frame her choices in the Positive. Instead of “I hate Orange Sherbet” to say “I prefer Strawberry ice cream.” These people being spoke of don’t “Hate” the Yellow, they prefer the Blue. It’s a shame reporters feel the need to be inflammatory instead of merely informative.

      1. I wish I had somebody do that for me when I was younger. I honestly was thinking of wearing a wristband to remind myself to frame things in the positive.

        Life reflects back at you, what you project.

    2. Just because it’s the least preferred it doesn’t mean it’s the most hated. If Apple goes on to sell 10M iPhone 5c units, 700,000 people will have chosen yellow.

      700,000 considered yellow to be their favorite.

      Besides, who cares which one is the mass popular favorite color. It doesn’t mean it’s ugly.

    3. I think it’s sales are also hurt by it not being stocked. I’ve known people who have gone to Walmart to get the Yellow iPhone and they didn’t stock it. You can’t buy something that isn’t there, so you make a second preference choice.

    1. I am in agreement! 🙂 The iPhone 5c’s have more class because it is retro inspired. The 21st century BS that we have been getting lately have been depressing me. Microsoft and Samsung need some taste NOW. Now that Scott Forstall is up for grabs, maybe M$/$am$ung can have some taste for once.

        1. Nokia didn’t invent the idea of consumer electronics produced in various colors. I was choosing between Red, White or Black models of the same transistor radio back in the ’60s.

        2. Wow, Nokia invented making consumer electronics in multiple colors! I had no idea, I’m glad we have you around to educate us.

          Those clever Finns at Nokia, it’s a shame they didn’t see MS for what they were or they still might have had their company.
          It’s a shame really, but MS is the great destroyer and they will doubtless drag several more company’s down on their way down the drain.

  1. The 5c has not sold well for several reasons:

    1) the 5s is a significantly superior phone in almost all ways, at a modest price difference. Even though the 5s was released later, it handily outsells all colors of the 5c, which is never the desire of product planners. The cheaper item is supposed to be the volume seller.

    2) all the colors offered by the 5c are pastel baby shower colors. they don’t appeal to adults, and the surprisingly lame cases certainly didn’t improve matters any.

    3) Apple continues to sell the 4S with lower out-of-pocket price, which of course will take a significant percentage of highly price conscious shoppers. That’s all fine, but you’d think Apple would do a better job explaining technical reasons why the 5c is a better phone than the old 4S. Apple has not done so.

    Apple should have relegated the 4S to emerging markets and offered the 5c for ~$50 less in more mature colors. By mid-2014, Apple may do exactly that. Retailers are already discounting them.

    1. I have to agree on the colors. And as much as I hate to say it, the Motorola phones they’ve been advertising which look like anodized aluminum have some very nice looking colors which I think would appeal more to adults. Of course the phone itself might be junk but I don’t know.

    2. The 5c is selling very well where do you people get this bs?
      pull a survey out of your backside?
      The 5c is number 2 sold phone on 2 of the major providers and number 3 on the other 2 us providers. Hell it even beats the GS4 on two of the providers.

      1. I got this “BS” from the Wall Street Journal.

        The iPhone 5s is outselling the 5c by over 2:1 in the US and Apple cut its 5c orders from Pegatron by 20%.

        Where are you getting your numbers?

        … and don’t play the juvenile game of pretending Apple is the only company whose sales figures are accurate, and all others only ship products to warehouses.

        1. Yeah, um… who is the WSJ to say whether or not the 5c is selling just as Apple anticipated?

          Also… Apple is one of the few companies that does mention sales figures… most others DO NOT. The marketshare SHIPPED numbers that are usually thrown around are guesstimates by analysts – NOT actual numbers, sales or shipped.

          1. That’s supposed to be a compelling response?

            I cited my data source. You responded with FUD.

            Every day the realists shake their heads when Apple users show such emotion-led “logic”.

            Moreover, there is absolutely no conceivable reason why Apple would intentionally sell fewer units of a product that is priced lower and re-uses internals that have been in stable production for a long time. Anyone with any marketing sense can see that Apple screwed up the pricing, styling, and/or value proposition with the 5c.

            Show me your verified data or if you can’t, then please do us all the favor of taking a long walk on a short dock.

  2. Yellow perception is very variable between individuals. Very few see it “correctly”, with most perceiving a shade of yellow-green through to green, regardless of whether they have any colour blindness, but males are definitely most likely to see it as a greenish color.

  3. Ridiculous article. Who cares if “only” 4 to 10% of the buyers prefer yellow. Do you realize how many phones that is? Tens if not hundreds of thousands.

    So why should the people who DO want a yellow phone go without one? Does the person writing this drivel think Apple should not have made a yellow one?

    “Consumers really HATE???” Ummmm…. no, MOST just PREFER the other colours but those who DO like the yellow are happy campers.

    Silly article. Silly, silly, silly.

  4. Let’s face it, yellow is not for everyone. You have to be really special. It takes a certain personality to pull it off.

    Besides yellow cabs, how many yellow cars do you see on the roads? Those yellow MB, BMW, Porches, Ferrari, Lambos, Mustangs, Aston-Martin, McLaren and Volvos are really sharp lookers. Same goes for orange.

    I actually had my Volvo stripped and repainted in the Mustang’s D5 Screaming Yellow… I would have gotten the yellow 5c.

      1. All reinforcing the point that colour matters in a fundamental, personal, visceral, indentity-validating way. Not to mention sexually emphasising, as you helpfully did just now.

  5. I got a white 5c and bought two cases green and blue and may get a couple more colors. My wife’s 5s you can’t tell it is even gold after her red case is on it. Waited 23 days to get gold for really nothing.

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