Apple’s revolutionary 64-bit iPhone 5s’ graphics are insane; competitors blown away (with benchmarks)

“My good friend and I were addicted to building computers and seeing how vibrant games like ‘Battlefield 2 Special Ops,’ ‘Battlefield 3’ and the ‘Command and Conquer’ series popped off of the screen,” Tom Shaughnessy writes for Seeking Alpha. “At the time we had the Intel core 2 duo 2.66 GHZ processor, two gigs of ram and a 512 mb graphics card by Nividia.”

“When the news broke regarding Apple’s drive to double the speed of the iPhone 5 with the iPhone 5S and to include a 64-bit processor, I was blown away,” Shaughnessy writes. “The first thing that went through my mind was the ability to now play powerfully real games that would be groundbreaking on a mobile device – and let me tell you, I was surely amazed.”

Shaughnessy writes, “Everyone is aware of the differences in specifications, although how does this compare over to the actual experience of the user? …Benchmark tests that demonstrate the graphics differences between the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S and some industry peer devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4.”

iPhone 5s Basemark X

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    1. +1 – so tired of people not understanding just how much of a leap this was. you have idiots that are just obsessed with bashing apple despite all the proof otherwise.

    1. Look, it’s shiny! If you want to waste your time playing games then be my guest. If puerile distractions give you pleasure then go for it. Apple fanbois like to present themselves as the most intelligent and intellectual digital consumers, but in reality they have the same interests and attention spans as seven year olds.

      1. On what do you base this observation? I suppose you’ve done exhaustive studies and this isn’t just a casual observation steeped mostly in personal belief and opinion. I think personally you’ve just perfectly described fickle Fandroid.

      2. So what does that make you an unhappy android user?
        No comment that you have posted over the years is anything but negative.
        The fact is the A7 is the fastest mobile processor on the market. Deal with it.

    2. When Droidboyz get butt hurt they just go into a state of denial or simply say to themselves, “Just wait till next year.”

      Android vendors really have it made. All they need to do is take the fastest processor they have and crank up the clock speed until they pass Apple’s A7 benchmarks. Most Android smartphones have huge batteries to handle the extra battery drain. They’ll only need to run at peak speed for benchmarks and then just throttle down for everyday use.

      1. iPhone fans only bring up upgrades to Fandroiders to taunt them since they know how tech spec obsessed they are when in reality we could mostly care less. Nice to have bragging rights but their disingenuous importance (at the expense of real superior ecosystem reasons) is key to Fandroid mental survival. They flounder and flail about when taken away. Sad & pathetic.

    3. The latest Fandroid defense is to just whine incessantly about why the Galaxy Note 3 was not included in the comparison.

      I’m not sure about the GPU, but I think it beats the 5s in a multicore benchmark.

      1. And if you factor in samsung cheating on benchmarks you have to deduct 30% (+) from those figures. (funny how the techno ‘roid heads who live and die by specs, have wistfully breezed by this discovery)

        In a fair test even the note3 lags far behind the 5s. As a matter of fact on a level playing field samsung’s new galaxy 4 can’t keep up with last years 5. So the android OEM’s are actually 2 years behind Apple (at least) in terms of performance. (and while HTC’s new build isn’t bad I am shocked that samsung gets a pass (from ‘roid fans) with oversized and overly thick devices the shoddy build and materials that they do)

  1. It’s 24-carat marketing gold! All other mobile chips are now obsolete in the mind of the discerning buyer. And it’ll take an age in tech terms for the wanabes even to pretend to be catching up again.

  2. There’s a broken graphic image on this page. Something seems to be missing.

    I doubt anyone in the tech industry is impressed and they’ll find a reason to say that GFXBench is some useless benchmark that only runs well on Apple smartphones.

    I just hope Apple has hundreds of patents protecting the A7 chip design or Samsung will just tear it apart and duplicate it. Although, if Samsung fabbed it, I guess they already have the circuit blueprints to make their own and call it the S7.

  3. I just got the 5s Saturday morning and spent the weekend working on settings, folders, email, WiFi, bluetooth pairing, and finding and putting all my passwords and accounts into a new protected App because Secure Info app no longer. Not sure it is worth it for a little more speed I probably don’t need. But I think I may be getting better battery life, and WiFi connectivity for Internet radio.

  4. Wow. This really shows up Samsung’s S4 as underpowered doesn’t it? Even if you were going to buy an Android device (yeah, right) why would you go for that one? Meanwhile the 5S is just off the scale, and Apple don’t even make a big deal about the speed.

  5. Disruption.

    Apple’s chip teams assembled several years ago put apple on its own playing field. The performance gulf between Apple and its competitors is likely to widen, rather than lessen over time. Apple has likely been working on 64bit iOS for years and has always marked off the code for the 64bit transition to avoid the pitfalls they learned on the OSX transition, which took years, not minutes, for developers. Another likely thing is that the performance hit 32bit apps cause systemwide on the old OSX in 64bit, have probably been avoided by virtualization in iOS7, so 32bit and 64bit can place nice. There are many technologies that go into the 64bit transition and even if Android/Samsung make that transition sometime in 2014, it is likely to be a kludge.

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