Jony Ive designs one-of-a-kind red Mac Pro for Product (RED) charity auction

“For their upcoming Sotheby’s charity auction to benefit Product (RED), Apple senior vice president of design Jony Ive and designer Marc Newson have created a one-of-a-kind Mac Pro, featuring the new Mac Pro’s radical cylindrical design with a shiny red finish that matches the style of other Product (RED) items produced by Apple,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“On the auction site, the Mac Pro value is listed at $40,000 to $60,000, and like the rest of the custom-designed products, it will be auctioned off on November 23,” Clover reports. “It is unclear whether the Mac Pro will be available to the buyer at that date, as Apple has announced that it will officially launch the Mac Pro to consumers in December.”

Product (RED) by Sir Jonathan Ive
Product (RED) by Sir Jonathan Ive

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  1. Too bad I not made of money. Very nice design by Sir Jony Ive and if was made of money I would own it. Now if I can just a regular Mac Pro for Christmas I be happy.

      1. If he lives in an igloo, North of the ice pole, and tries his best to say Apple is number 1 and he would buy one if he had the moolah, it’s a positive vote for Apple. Must we Americans be so catty as to come back at him with such a rude comment. You, ‘Murcan, owe Nightfly a great big Apple apology.

        If you are from Texas, which your language hints, you are showing your “redneck-ism” which we Texans deplore.

        So, Mr. Nightfly, apologies from all the rude, smartass Americans we have living here. And, you are right, Sir Jony designed one cool ass machine for the very few who either need it, or simply can afford it.

      1. A clear polycarbonate or acrylic case would be easy to make, though not inexpensive as things go. I might do it just for fun.

        My guess is it would take some redesign on wall thickness as the plastic would be too thin if you did it as thin as the aluminum. Maybe 60-80 hours manually if you can get a plastic tube to machine it from.

      2. Regarding Mac Pro cases:
        Keep in mind that part of the reason it has an aluminum shell is to dissipate heat. Anodized aluminum does not affect that purpose. But putting a plastic shell around it would. Just so you know!

        1. As a former engineer, it doesn’t look to me as though the outer shell’s aluminum construction aids in heat dissipation.

          1) effective conduction of heat away from the hot elements is accomplished by the triangular “thermal core”, not the outer shell.

          2) The fins of the “thermal core” are obviously designed to radiate heat into the passing airstream, not to the outer shell

          3) if the outer shell was supposed to move heat away from the hot components, conduction would be far more efficient than an air gap — i.e., the chips would be bonded to the shell instead of a finned triangular heat sink in the middle.

          4) the fan’s efficiency is greatly enhanced by having a clean tunnel — i.e., a cylindrical shell. take off the shell and it’s very likely you’ll have local overheating problems

          I see no reason whatsoever that aftermarket cases of any color, material, or transparency couldn’t work beautifully with the new Mac Pro.

          Also look for the accessory lava lamp caps that will simulate liquid cooling, as well as the line of >$50 official Apple USB-powered dust bunny vacuum cleaners that will be required to keep the air inlets clear. $150 for the identical thunderbolt version, of course.

            1. Derek, honestly now, “Being pointlessly contentious?” What gives?

              I’ve done mechanical design for over 4 decades and Mike sounds entirely real and logical.

            2. I am an engineer. Mike is correct. Only correction I see is to say the core is “designed to conduct (not radiate) heat into the passing airstream” as radiation is not significant in a fast passing airstream.

              Black body radiation out of the cylindrical MacPro shell will be very minimal as you will be able to see when you try one and measure the temp of the OD of the cylinder or hold a hand to it when under load.

            3. You hurt my feelings. And here I was supporting you after you stated that you’d been ‘banned’ here at MDN.

              And of course you had to intelligently berate my with ‘fucking’ and ‘fuck up’ and ‘asshole.

              I guess this isn’t much of a place for thoughtful discussion, is it? Why do I bother? Beats me. There are only a handful of people with whom I enjoy conversing. You certainly have never been one of them BLN, whether you are intentionally a joke or not.

              BTW: I’ll always think of you as a joke. That’s an insult, just so you know.

          1. And yet kids, I am entirely correct and you are wrong and I only made the statement to assist in understanding the point of a BLACK METAL shell. But no, you had to go off the rails and turn this into a point of CONTENTION.

            Any kid in Physics 101 knows exactly what I stated. So go take physics 101. Then figure out what it means to HELP people instead of just hang out around at forums so you can BITCH and FIGHT about whatever all the time.

            IOW: Just shut up if you don’t have something helpful or factual to say. IASSOTS.

    1. It’s not so much a redesign as just making one red anodized. Since the Mac Pro is made out of aluminum – easy peasy. As are some other Apple iPods. Anodized colored aluminum is pretty cool looking. Transparent aluminum even better, according to Scotty anyway, and so easy to create a rotating molecular 3D model of on a 1985 Mac.

      1. NICHOLS

        He gestures, and Scotty sits at a nearby Macintosh. He
        surveys the machine quizzically, clears his throat, and
        in a loud voice says:

        Computer —

        Bones steps in quickly, picks up the “Mouse” and shoves
        it into Scotty’s hand. Scotty looks at the mouse,
        baffled, then puts it to his lips like a mike.

        Hello? Computer…?

        Just use the keyboard…

        The keyboard… How quaint.

        Then, preparing his fingers like a concert pianist, he
        plunges to work furiously.

          1. I see I’m not the only one that noticed that.

            Or when someone on Voyager was able to hack into the computer of another species they just encountered with little effort. Sorry, not even Data would be able to pull that off in real life. {yes, I just said real life about a Star Trek episode 😉 }

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