Walmart to sell Apple iPad Air for $479, starts tablet trade-in program

“As anyone who’s ever purchased an Apple product knows, the company doesn’t provide much latitude to resellers to sell at a discount,” Sean Portnoy reports for ZDNet. “Apple offers a slight discount (usually 10 percent) off items around Black Friday, but usually the price it states at one of its events is the same price everyone (including Apple itself) sells a given product for.”

“There has been a little nibbling around the edges recently, however,” Portnoy reports. “With the iPhone 5C, retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart were allowed to sell the new smartphone for a steep discount (half off or more), and now it looks like Walmart will be discounting the new iPad Air as well.”

Portnoy reports, “Potential buyers shouldn’t get too excited, however. Walmart plans to start selling the iPad Air for $479 on November 1 — just $20 less than the list price… For the moment, the iPad Air — and not the new iPad mini with Retina display — is the only model to receive the discount.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Even though the discount is slight, the iPad Air may well prove to be an effective loss leader for Walmart.


    1. Yeah, but not the one where “I Love Walmart” lives. He gives trailer trash a bad name, and if there’s one thing I’m familiar with, it’s being trailer trash.

  1. I love Walmart. I hate Apple. Thank you Walmart for discounting the otherwise very expensive iPad. If Apple thinks it can price gouge me, it’s got another thing coming. I love Walmart for every day cheap pricing. Every day.

      1. I love to be able to buy stuff for cheap. Walmart gives me that opportunity. You got a problem with that? Apple, on the other hand, is an expensive maker of things. Too rich for me. I love cheap stuff. But I wouldn’t mind buying a cheap iPad from Walmart. You got money to burn that’s your problem.

        1. Having “money to burn” isn’t really a problem. The problem is people who are too stupid or lazy to work for a living, or so cheap and stingy they think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. In other words, you’re an idiot, so go to an Android oriented website where the rest of your kind reside.

          1. Yes, you’re right. My brain (what little I have) says “Don’t fall for it!” But – I – just – can’t – help – it. They reel me in every time, those bastards!

            By the way, I’m not a real psychologist, but I play one on TV.

        2. Walwart sells plenty of the cheap Whitebox android tablets too. Buy one of those! After about two days of using it you find out just how cheap it is. It will then end up in a drawer or in a landfill. Where as the iPad users will use there well built iPad for years and years. Always buying the cheapest piece of crap does not always make a good use for your money.

    1. It appears that you are joking, Walmart lover. If not, then you are probably just the type of person who is unable to detect the error in the article excerpt above.

      “retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart were allowed to sell the new smartphone for a steep discount (half off or more)…”

      Half off the initial downpayment is not half off the entire purchase price of the device, most of which is embedded in the monthly contract payments. If you receive $50 off the iPhone 5c, but end up paying another $450 as part of your monthly cell contract payments, then you effectively received 10% off of the full $549 retail price. Nice half off…

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