Users of older iLife, iWork apps seeing trouble upgrading to new apps

“Some users of iLife ’11 and iWork ’09 are having trouble upgrading to the new versions released yesterday, according to complaints,” MacNN reports. “The difficulty is that when trying to download the new software through the Mac App Store, the store fails to recognize the earlier installations.”

MacNN reports, “An Apple spokesperson states that the company is aware of the problem, and working on a solution.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Are iLife, iWork upgrades working for you?


        1. My two Mac Pro’s are stuck at Leopard and Lion and won’t get any Mavericks love. Guess it’s time for a new Mac Pro. What’s kind of funny are the words “64 Bit” proudly stamped on the outside of the 2007 Mac Pro box. Guess not.

      1. … an hour just to DOWNLOAD Mavericks! AFAIK most of that time was spent waiting to START the download. After that, things went smoothly.
        Have not tried iWorks or iLife … yet. I figure the Apple site is getting hammered and I can avoid some stress by waiting. Glad I’m not depending on any “new features”. 😉

        1. Hammered is putting it lightly.

          When apple released ios 7, the internet slowed.
          When apple released 10.9 for FREE… I think we will hear stories if servers crashing once again under the stress.

          It took a while for my download, maybe 2 hours, but other than a few odd things 10.9 is great.

          Lost some swipe gestures in finder for one.. Apple has known for a while but has yet to address it.

        1. Then you must not have bought them before or had them installed on your system.

          Either that or you were not logged into the account that you registered them with.

          It “should” work fine…

          I actually had them all download twice – once through my Australian account and then again through my US account.

          Kind of weird. And no charge for either.

      1. My understanding reading the Apple website is that you had to buy new HARDWARE to get these updates for free. iPhones purchased after September 1, 2013 qualify, and Macs purchased after October 1, 2013 qualify.

        You want to save $20 per update? You need to spring for new hardware — or at least that’s what the Apple site clearly states.

        1. I talked to Tier 1 Apple support this am about this. He assured me that my iWork ’09 boxed set was eligible for a free upgrade.
          Like others, Pages & Numbers only showed a Buy option, Keynote let me upgrade for some reason.
          I installed Mavericks first, signed out of and back into the Mac App Store, etc., etc..

    1. I own iWork’s 2009 which I bought on a CD when I purchased my MacBook Pro 13″ in 2010 and at first, I could not upgrade to the new version of iWork’s. I downloaded Macerick last night and this morning, I had a notification from the Mac App Store telling me that I had 3 updates (Keynote, Pages and Numbers.) I downloaded them and all is swell. It also gave me the option to download GarageBand even though I never paid for it prior to downloading Maverick.

    2. I ran into the same problem. I had purchased iWork ’09 on a disk and the Mac App Store was asking me to pay for the upgrade. This workaround was effective for me:

      note, I had already downloaded and installed Mavericks and updated iPhoto and iMovie.
      – download & install iWork 9.3 update from
      – restart
      – upgrades were available at Mac App Store
      note that before the restart, the Mac App Store indicated I had 3 updates available, but would not show them or install them. That was only possible after the restart.

  1. I attempted to upgrade iWork prior to downloading Mavericks. The App Store was going to charge me for the apps, and it didn’t show up in updates. I had purchased iWork on a disk, but previously had been able to receive updates through the App Store. After I upgraded to Mavericks, iWork showed up as an update for free.

  2. I need to buy the desktop iWork still, I’ve been using the ios and iCloud versions. The iCloud iWork has been amazing since the beta, I can do all my work online from the crappy school machines running xp without Microsoft office

  3. The upgrade process worked great.

    However, there are some serious deficiencies in the new iWork apps: can’t customize the toolbar, some functions are that were simple to find are now hidden in menus, rulers aren’t as functional, no distinction between page layout and word processing in Pages, etc.

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