T-Mobile to offer new iPads starting at $0 down; $26/month for iPad Air, $22/month for iPad mini

“T-Mobile has formally announced its new ‘un-carrier’ strategy for the just-introduced Apple iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“While the Cellular-capable iPads normally cost an extra $130 over the upfront WiFi-model purchase price, T-Mobile will be offering the new tablets at $0 down,” Gurman reports. “T-Mobile says that this is introductory pricing, and it is unclear when the price points will raise for T-Mobile customers.”

Gurman reports, “At the $0 down initial payment price, customers will need to pay off the hardware costs over a period of 24 months. The iPad Air will begin at $26.25 per month for the 16GB model, and the iPad mini with Retina display will begin at $22.08 for the 16GB version.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. So for $630 (spread out at 24 X $26.25), you’re getting a $629 iPad Air and the T-Mobile service for $1? Does that price drop after 24 months or does it continue, because you’d be better to turn it in for a new model if the post-contract price remains the same

        1. My T-Mo coverage is great. LTE is far better than Time warner Cable and comparable to VZ and T. When I bout my iPhone 5, I replaced a slider handset. My bill with 4.5 full speed data was increased only $15. Was only paying $5 mo for the phone I replaced, which continues.

    1. My understanding is that you are getting an interest free loan. Once paid off its yours. For the $1 you get 200 MB a month of free data. This is bullish for Apple. YOu go into a store and you can buy an android tablet or get an iPad for $5 to $10 more a month. A no brainer. May even trade in my iPad 2 to get an Air, if they will give me a 64K for nothing down plus my iPad2.

  2. so that’s $630 over 24 months, which is the same price as at the Apple Store, plus a data plan. This will definitely be a winner, insofar as the consumer will have a no-interest, rent-to-own device.

  3. Now this is yet another plank in the scary new world of information technology. No computers, no IT, no home grown infrastructure, just sign up for cloud services, and pick up your device from your carrier.

    The times they are a changing!

    1. Even with no free data plan, this would be the best possible way to get an LTE iPad. Nobody gives you two-year loan interest-free with no down-payment. Even store cards (such as Best Buy) that do promotional no-interest offers don’t extend them beyond one year, and even then, you have to spend more than $650 to qualify. In addition, with store cards, you are responsible for keeping up with payments, and you have to pay it off before the deadline, otherwise, all interest is put right back on the account, and it is painfully high. With T-Mobile’s offer, it is worry-free; you just pay their regular monthly bill and all is good.

      I think the best thing that could have happened to mobile consumers in the US was for AT&T – T-mobile marriage to fail. Deutsche Telekom simply had no idea what to do with the American T-Mobile outfit, so they tried to unload it on AT&T, but the government didn’t allow it. Now, that they are stuck with it, they are making an effort to make it competitive. The introduction of the iPhone lit a major fire, and all the other offerings seem to be aimed at generating subscriber base. The offerings are extremely competitive and they have a very good chance.

    1. Yes, the GPS will work without a data plan, but you’re paying $129 for that option. I recently bought a Nexus 7 to accompany my iPad as the WiFi version comes with GPS. It’s easier for Google to track you that way, I guess.

      1. paying the extra $129 isn’t much of a big deal since i’ll be able to pay for whole thing over 24 months. Nexus 7 may have gps, but i’d rather pay a little more and carry one device instead of two. especially when the other one isn’t even made by apple.

    2. GPS works without having data on a cellular. However, i understand it is more accurate when you have the cellular connection, because it uses cell tower triangulation to enhance the GPS geolocation.

  4. I think it’s brilliant. Until now, anyone not considering buying a cell equipped iPad, wasn’t really a targeted customer for the carriers. Now, anyone who just wants a wifi iPad will have an incentive to purchase it from tmobile because at first, they could get the iPad and the free data plan. Now they have the ability to use the iPad outside of wifi and will most likely eventually want a bigger plan. Tmobile just secured residual income that they never would have gotten before.

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