Mac OS X Mavericks release date, rumors and leaked images – launching soon

“Apple has announced that it will be holding an event on Tuesday 22 October and while many are expecting to see Apple unveil new iPads, it also seems likely that Apple will be showing off Mavericks, the new version of Mac OS X,” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK.

“It is also possible that Apple will release new Macs including the new Mac Pro, a Mac mini, and a new MacBook Pro with Retina display,” Haslam reports. “However, we don’t expect that OS X Mavericks will be available to download until the following week, our money is on Wednesday 30th October, but it could equally well be available for download the day after the event – or even after the event.”

“One reason why a quick launch of Mavericks seems likely is that if Apple announces new Macs it will be shipping them with the new operating system installed,” Haslam reports. “Earlier in October Apple released the Gold Master version of OS X Mavericks to developers. This hints that the public version of Mavericks, OS X 10.9 will be available very soon.”

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  1. Karen Haslam is looking forward to the new MacBook Pros with Haswells from Intel which she may as well get. Once they are released, she will not dwell. Then, she can tell how well the Haslam Haswell performs in the Haslam MacBook with the Haswell processor. It is sure to excel and deserve a Nobel prize.

    “All’s well that Haswell,” said Haslam.

  2. Oh man yeah. The question is “will they charge for it?” If Apple makes their OS and Office suite products free that should REALLY open the eyes of many consumers to Apple’s World. Microsoft NEEDS the income from it’s OS & Office, Apple doesn’t and really can just use it as an attractive loss leader to reel people in. Win-win.

    1. You’re right. If Apple kicks up the iWork package a notch and bundles it, Microsoft’s Office hegemony takes a real hit. Office still rules in corporate America however. I don’t know how it gets dislodged until enterprise embraces the Mac.

      1. It’s the same problem that the Mac had with Windows. Once it’s entrenched it’s impossible to shift. Just as Apple had to think beyond the personal computer in order to beat Microsoft on the OS front they need to think beyond the software package to do the same against Office.

      2. Everybody wants something free on this site but most seem to be conservatives who say there is no free lunch. I don’t mind paying for something good and I would like to see the OS X upgrade bundled with iWork for $50 or $20 for just the OS. I believe that Apple deserves their pay and all those who insist on hand-outs can stick with Windows.

        1. Yeah it’s such a conservative ideal to get stuff for free. Conservatives never strive towards individual merit and self sufficiency. Conservatives always look for and push handouts. Everyone knows its the republicans and conservatives that push welfare and socialism. Right out of the play book. Nice try. Ok buy a OS and system for all of us. Watch this guys generosity and pockets dry up. Move to France.

            1. These “hand outs” aren’t stolen from your fellow citizen. This handout was paid for voluntarily by Apple customers. Big difference.

              Don’t Steal… The government HATES competition!

    2. Regrettably they will. I think they even charged for the first bootcamp if I remember. Sad part is there is NO reason to delay releasing this right now other than they are waiting for the MAC Pro’s and Mac Book Pro’s. Been using GM for a while now with my Dev license and there really isn’t much too it. Best feature is the compressed memory in my opinion if you have a 4gb mac air/pro. It works really well. My mac book air is getting well in the 12+ hour range. I literally can use it at work all day with no charge.

  3. 3 weeks of testing a GM build is more than average for Apple. I’m thinking it’ll be released next Tuesday or Friday at the latest. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 10.9.1 before Thanksgiving.

  4. Like it or loathe it, why is the Safari icon on the desktop not more in line with iOS?

    I’m not in favor of combining the operating systems any more than makes sense, but this seems very disjointed and also a minor fix. The app icons should match up (I even prefer the desktop version, just want the experience to make sense between devices).

  5. Bundling iWork with new iMacs could pose an antitrust issue in the EEC.
    Many an M$ bundle has had to be unbundled just as Gcrookgle has had to clean its biased rating system.(Even though it is still biased)

    1. It should only be a problem if Apple is using it’s monopoly to push iWorks. That is what MS and Google were accused of. Adding features by bundling iWorks will not upset the EEC.

      It will not change a lot either. Corporate use of Office is soo deeply embedded in business processes it’ll take ages to get rid of Excel addiction.

  6. Here is my fear:
    I upgrade to this new OS and my two printers no longer work.
    Applecare says…updates to your printer software are not apple’s responsibility but Epson and Samsung may offer an update soon!!!!!!! Soon? Not good enough….too much of a risk…

  7. Mavericks is ready for prime time and I highly suspect it will go public on the 22nd.

    One thing that’s new in Mavericks that takes some brief getting-used-to is the Finder tabbing of windows. But go with it and play. I’ve found it very intuitive once I got the hang of it. Of course, if you’ve used Path Finder…

    Meanwhile, I’ve found a hoard of great wave desktop pictures. When Mavericks hits town I’ll post a blog entry with a pile of links to the best of them.

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