Apple’s newest exec Ahrendts should shake things up, fit like a glove

“Before Tim Cook was officially appointed CEO, Apple’s retail head Ron Johnson had already announced his departure for J.C. Penney,” Mark Rogowsky reports for Forbes.

“Cook didn’t rush to replace to him, but when he did at the start of 2012, many questioned whether Browett was the right choice. The doubters were quickly proved right,” Rogowsky reports. “Dixon’s, the parent company of the computer retailer Browett ran, is very much the anti-Apple: Discounts, over-assorted merchandise, a middling reputation for customer service. And Browett thought the first, best idea he could bring to Apple was cutting staffing and reducing new hiring of employees. Needless to say, it didn’t work. Browett was gone within 6 months and Apple retail has been without a leader ever since.”

“It seems as though it was worth the wait. While Browett ran Dixon’s, the stock fell 90%. During Ahrendts’ tenure at Burberry, shares have nearly quadrupled. Though Apple is a technology company, its website has changed little over the last decade and it has essentially no presence whatsoever on social media. Ahrendts is a tech junkie, making Burberry more digital both in store and online. She’s present on social media and has used it as tool to make Burberry relevant again to a new generation,” Rogowsky reports. “She seems to have the perfect DNA for the position.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d give up our Macs (for a day) to be able to witness Browett’s interview with Cook.

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    1. The Burberry website is very nice. But Ahrendts role at Apple is Online Store and Apple Retail, but I don’t expect that she will have any influence on site – thats owned, and held very tightly by Phil Shillers Marketing team.

      Danno (ex Apple)

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