How to find gold iPhone 5s units and how much you can make reselling them

“The Gold version of Apple’s iPhone 5s has the longest lead-times of any of the company’s new phones,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “On Apple’s Hong Kong and Singapore websites the Gold version is still showing ‘Currently Unavailable’ which has been its status since its launch on September 20. Verizon’s website has its Gold models shipping from November 4 to 11, AT&T has 4 to 6 week lead-times, Sprint’s is at 8 weeks and Vodafone UK site is at 6 to 8 weeks.”

“There is a [website: Gold iPhone 5S Availability] that allows you to input a zip code along with the color of the iPhone and carrier you want and it will show what models are available at the closest twenty Apple stores,” Jones writes. “The app screen scrapes for the most up to date information.”

“A contact of mine has sold six T-Mobile unlocked iPhone 5s’ on eBay since its launch with premiums ranging from 28% to 58% before eBay and PayPal fees. He sold one Space Gray 32GB on its first day of availability for $1,000 which cost $779.99 for a 28% premium. The two Silver 32GB models have also sold for $1,000 and cost $779.99,” Jones writes. “The three Gold models (two 32GB and one 64GB) have all had higher premiums ranging from 36% to 58%.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chuck Jones” for the heads up.]


      1. The age of instant gratification is neigh!
        Enjoy the age of instant gratification while you can for…..
        The age of Pre-gratification will soon be upon us!!!
        Repent! REPENT!! I tell ya! lest ye be those that will wail & gnash their teeth in the hell fires of regret because thy didest not emerse thineself in selfie’s of instant gratification!!! 🙁

  1. I sell on ebay all the time (and real gold too ha!)
    But not sure he’s getting anything more than 30% premium for gold. I’ve not seen many past 1200. (64)
    But even that is 950 out of contract. By the time Paypal/ebay fees you lose 11% off the bat.

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