Warren Buffett: I wish I’d bought Apple stock many years ago

“Warren Buffett spent about three hours this morning talking with CNBC‘s Becky Quick about a number of topics, one of which was Apple (AAPL), about which he seems to have a fairly positive view,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Quick asked Buffett about Carl Icahn‘s urging the company to borrow money to buy back more stock,” Ray reports. “Buffett seemed opposed to Icahn’s suggestion, insisting Apple’s management knows what it’s doing, and that further aggressive buybacks, on top of Apple’s planned $60 billion, the largest in corporate history, would be simply a sop to short-term traders of the stock.”

Well, I think the Apple management’s done a pretty good job of running the company. I just wish I’d bought the stock many years ago. I did advise to buy its stock a few years ago, and they’re buying it, they’re buying a lot of stock. They’ve got a lot of money that, it’s not trapped overseas, it’s just that they’d have to pay a lot of money, and of course they’re hoping there’ll be some repatriation at some point, so they won’t have to pay that tax. – Warren Buffett

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  1. I really like Buffets wisdom here. Don’t give into these short term traders if you want your company to succeed long term.
    To bad there aren’t more big money investors like him.

  2. Apple needs to take a few BILLION at a time of their oversea’s money and spend it on new manufacturing facilities for chips, glass, … or buy a few companies that are their oversea’s sources. Then publicly turn to Washington, DC and say, Apple can spend it overseas or with the right deal, bring it home and spend it here in the USA. Your move Obama and the other tax clowns. Do that a few times and talk about the number of off shore employees that Apple was forced to employ due to the tax laws. Want a job from Apple, recycle or replace the tax clowns.

    1. Wonder who you’re referring to when you say “tax clowns”? You mean Republicans who’ve raised taxes and the deficit more than any other administration?

      Or do you mean the Democrats who’ve reduce the deficit and under who’s administration stocks have gained many times the value?

      Or perhaps Obama specifically who’s seen more value added to the stock market and corporate profits than any other President? And who’s reduced effective corporate tax rates to their lowest.

      Just wondering?

      1. Stocks always go up under a Democratic administration since capital gains go up. It’s not worth selling it and seeing the money go to taxes. That’s why there were huge sales last year before the tax hike. The revenues from 2012 won’t be repeated for 2013 so 2014 may be a rough year.

          1. He sounds like a Mark Levin, Glenn Beck kind of guy. There’s two nice, intelligent, make you feel warm and cozy kind of guys. The truth is, there are still too many racists, they hate Obama because he’s black, the blacks and Hispanics are sucking our country dry with welfare and social programs, etc. They pine for the 50’s, when young women got married when they turned 17 or 18, immediately got pregnant, stayed home and took care of her man. They miss going to events and only seeing white faces in the crowd. They miss the time when their sweet young white daughter would never be seen talking to a black man. They want us all to go to church every Sunday, and not just any church, but a Christian church, because it’s the one and only true religion. Yep, we should just jail and kill all them Damon liberals, with their high faluting ideas. Now where can I get a nice white hood and robes cheap?

      2. If not sarcasm, certainly in the running for clueless political points of the year.

        Your right. R’s always raise taxes and D’s always lower them. Next thing your going to tell me is public sector union workers save taxpayers money. /s

        It is clear you do not understand the difference between budget deficits (either party) and national debt. Again, if your serious and not sarcastic.

        You may be wondering for a very long time …

  3. I bought some at $110. Unfortunately I also bought some at $600. Today I finally got my AAPL portfolio into the black.

    I can’t decide if I should sell it. There’s just too much manipulation and down right fraud going on with AAPL stock that it seems like a poor choice to keep to expect any sort of return.

    1. Looking back two years from now from $1000+ you’ll be sorry if you sell. Apple is on te most solid footing you could wish for.

      All the FUD can onky work fr so long before everyone sees it for what it is.

      1. I’m not susceptible to FUD but it seems obvious even to a stock amateur like me that APPL doesn’t respond to the market as other stocks do. It seems to have little relationship to the actual news out there. Plus the mountains of whack-job “tech” journalists that will print any garbage as long as they can stick Apple into the headline makes for an unpredictable stock.

        1. many people bought at the 600’s and many will want to sell when they get back to even like yourself. what you need to do is think Why you bought it at 600 , and if the same theory stands today. If the theory changed sell it.

        2. Apple has never responded to the market “the way other stocks do” but it’s fundamentals always probe the pundits stupid and anyone who has ever owned it and stayed long has always seen handsome rewards. That’s NOT going to change for a long time because Apple has no match.

    2. There are few companies around whose ability to turn earnings into cash is as prodigious as Apple. There are a lot of soaring companies (HP, Amazon) that don’t generate cash. You know the earnings are “real” when they turn up in Cash.

      Forget Wall Street ups and downs, if you want to invest and hold, Apple is as safe as it gets.

  4. WB is just saying that in hindsight. WB doesn’t invest in Apple because it’s in a space that he doesn’t understand and it’s very risky (his words). That’s why WB didn’t buy it before.

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