A detailed high-res look at Apple’s 5th-Gen iPad design in ‘Space Gray’

“We’ve already seen numerous leaks of various next-gen iPad hardware, but much of it has been relatively low quality up to this point,” Sonny Dickson reports.

“We’ve gotten our hands on a number of sharp high-res images of the Space Grey 5th-gen iPad casing and front panel,” Dickson reports. “Notably, it shows off the highly anticipated slimmer iPad-mini like design it is expected to launch with.”

Dickson reports, “The design differences are both apparent and extremely welcome, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one in person.”

Apple's iPad 5 (photo via SonnyDickson.com)
Apple’s iPad 5?
(photo via SonnyDickson.com)

Full gallery here.


  1. Beautiful, cannot wait. Lighter, faster and better cameras. Meanwhile the idiots at Delta are dropping iPads for the Surface tablet. My neighbor is a Delta pilot, he says the pilots fought like hell but Delta is apparently a Microsoft company. I am thinking that I will avoid Delta from not on.

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