Samsung unveils ‘Galaxy Round’ phone with curved display, innovates nothing, wants US$1,015 per unit

“Whereas Apple sticks to a core device design and ideal, Samsung creates as many different device designs as possible, from flip phones named after Irish alcohol, to phablets that are only fractions of an inch smaller than a traditional seven-inch tablet,” James Plafke reports for ExtremeTech. “Now, Samsung has unveiled the first smartphone with a curved screen, the Galaxy Round, confirming that there’s no reason to put a slight curve in a smartphone display.”

“While a too-long-to-invoke lock screen and changing between music tracks on your phone instead of with your headphone controls certainly aren’t the world-shattering curved display features we’ve been waiting for, the Round could perhaps act as a stepping stone toward actually useful mobile devices with curved displays,” Plafke reports. “It could also one day lead toward truly flexible mobile displays. The current naming of the Round, though, is a little misleading, as the curvature is so shallow that it’d take about 300 of the devices to arrange a circle. We hope if Samsung figures it all out, it continues with the grocery store meat naming conventions, and we’ll soon be writing about the Galaxy Ground Round, then the budget friendly Galaxy Ground Chuck.”

Samsung Galaxy Round phone in "Luxury Brown" (US$1015)
Samsung Galaxy Round phone in “Luxury Brown” (SRP: US$1015)

Plafke reports, “The Galaxy Round will be releasing in the ‘Luxury Brown’ color on October 10 in South Korea, for the ludicrous price of [US]$1,015.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Luxury Brown?” Zunetastic!

At Samsung, if you throw enough shit against a wall, you end up with a shitty wall.


  1. Apple Innovation:

    1. Observe
    2. Research
    3. Design
    4. Revolutionize
    5. — Enter cycle of Innovation
    6. Observe
    7. Design
    8. Refine
    10, go to step 5

    Samsung Innovation Method:
    1. Keep an eye on Apple

    1. In the Galaxy S5. The phone senses you’re farting, and then (due to lag and slow processors) starts playing your “FartSong” to cover up the noise.

      Unfortunately it’s always late, so not only do people hear your fart but the music attracts even more attention.

    2. Ha..Ha..Ha..Best post of the day …

      Honestly if you spread rumor that Apple is working on it they will realease one next month .. Then SamSung CEO will demonstate on stage how good such sensor is .. ” and it works with Samsung watch” …”you post your Fart result to your facebook via Galaxy Note3″ ..

  2. I don’t get it. Why would you need a curved screen? Your eyes can view a flat screen of that size.

    The curve also makes the phone thicker. Why do you want a thicker phone?

  3. Canadians north of the border will love this thing. When it snows heavily in Canuckland, they can turn it on its back and use it as a Canadian bobsled.

  4. I think of a 1st grader with a lot of Lego parts and he’s always interrupting to show another iteration of something with blasters, wings, or wheels — and then the sound of small parts hitting the floor.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing – ‘What’s the point of this?’ What benefit do I get from having a curved screen vs a flat one after spending a $1000?

    2. My thought as well. Why is a curved screen a good thing ? This is even more ridiculous than their stupidwatch. They really are clueless without an apple product to copy. Imagine Steve Jobs’s reaction had Jonny had presented a curved iPhone.

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