Apple’s October 22nd special event screws beleaguered Microsoft

“As expected, Apple has announced an event for the end of October, and the expectation is that Tim Cook and his team will be announcing the new range of iPads, along with more details on OS X Mavericks and the Mac Pro,” Ewan Spence reports for Forbes.

“The focus will be on the former, and what Apple decide to do with their tablet computers. Bumping the full sized iPad up to a 64-bit A7 CPU and adding the M7 motion chip is predictable, but many people will be watching the iPad Mini to see if it moves up two steps to the A7 chip, or sticks to a single step up from an A5 to an A6 CPU, matching the iPhone 5c in the process,” Spence reports. “What’s clear is that everyone is going to be talking about the iPad in the news cycle, and there’s not going to be a lot of room to talk about tablets from anyone else.”

Spence reports, “It’s a bit of a downer for Microsoft, as October 22nd is also the day that the Surface 2 RT goes on sale in the United States. It’s also a bit of a downer for Nokia. Over in Abu Dhabi is the final ‘Nokia World’ before Nokia’s devices and services team pick up their paycheque from Microsoft. It’s widely expected that Nokia will be announcing a ‘phablet’ Windows Phone 8 device alongside their first Windows 8 RT tablet.”

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  1. I think Samsung will rush announce something on Oct 21 to:

    1. Steal the thunder from Apple’s announcement.
    2. So Samsung can claim they did something first.

  2. When was the date formally announced from Apple? Where’s the media invitation we are accustomed to seeing that’s immediately dissected to try and find hidden meanings?

  3. There really isn’t anything wrong with how IOS 7 looks, or even how it works, it has slew of new features, its just that too many people have over ambitious expectations, or they don’t like change.. Either way, some people will never be satisfied. If they changed it back or gave them a IOS6 skin, they’d merely find something else to complain about.

    IOS 7 works on my iPad 3 my IPhone, and my iPad mini without issues, does everything i want it to, and does it well. I think its faster than IOS6.

    1. Then why not let users decide on which version of iOS they like best instead of corralling everyone into iOS 7. I think Apple is afraid to admit how many people will actually upgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6 and thereby block Cook crowing about how many people have downloaded and installed iOS 7 on their iPhones.

      1. Your proving my point, you don’t like the change. no one was forced to upgrade. There were slews of places to see what it looked like for months. You could even revert if you did it shortly thereafter, did you? There were even articles on how to do it. If you waited to long, time to get over it,. This is the way it is now.. Works fine for me, To whine about how an icon looks, as long as it works and does what i want it to when I tap it, that’s all that counts.

        1. It will improve over time. 7. Is a pretty radical departure from 6. I wasn’t thrilled with it at first, but as I get used to it, going back now would seem like a downgrade. Future updates will address many of people’s gripes. On Android, your stuck with the OS you got when you bought the phone, I wouldn’t call that better.

      2. First of all, you can. Choose to stick with iOS 6 on your current iOS devices. No one corralled you into upgrading. Second, you don’t have to buy a new iOS device loaded with iOS 7. If you don’t like iOS 7, then vote with your dollar and buy an Android device when you will likely be permanently stuck with whatever version of Android is loaded on it. At least Apple provides an upgrade path. Third, more than 200 million people voluntarily upgraded to iOS 7 on their existing iOS devices. Tim Cook does not need to cheat, lie, and steal to inflate iOS numbers. He leaves that to Google and Samsung.

      3. You can always revert back to 6 if you dont like it.
        go to:

        Download the version you want for your device and plug your iphone into iTunes. The hold down option when you click on restore. Select the ipsw file you just downloaded and restore your iPhone back to iOS 6.
        Honestly if people dont want it you can go back.
        The only iPhone that cant is the 5s. Because it needs the 64 bit iOS that iOS 7 has.

      4. Yeah, like that wouldn’t be riddled with massive software bloat and wouldn’t steal Apple’s resources from propelling them.. and US into the future. Sorry bud, this ain’t MS. The past needs to be let go at some point. iOS 7 ain’t perfect but it sure as hell ain’t broke either..

    2. I agree with you but there was something great to be said about the look and feel of iOS6.

      iOS7 has many features but I hope Apple refines the way it looks and functions because it looks too much like a work in progress.

      For one, the icons look terrible. Some have thick white borders like the Safari icon and others have no border at all while most look lame in comparison to iOS6. Also, I don’t like the new calendar and there is just too much flatness everywhere. It looks less professional and robust but underneath it works fine.

    3. All the Apple apps look wretched to me. The fonts are a disaster. Choice of colors over white background terrible. I can live with the icons. It is not the best UI design IMO. I really like the new features and want them. Why not offer skins like most O/S’s out there and make everyone happy ?
      All the complaints I hear are about the same issues and I hear and read it alot. Fonts, color choices, buttons that don’t look like buttons etc.

  4. I used to look forward to every iPhone and iPad announcement with eager anticipation, waiting with bated breath to see what wonder Apple was going to unveil. But since downgrading my iPad to iOS 7 I have been left with a feeling of depressing lifelessness of nights without day.

    If only backtracking to iOS 6 were an option, but no, ugly has replaced beauty, the base has replaced the sublime and the unusable has replaced the functional. Sad day indeed. Very sad.

      1. Apple users demand more from their product. Why do you think Apple provokes such reaction of fervor from people? Why do people line up for nights outside the Apple store to be first in line to buy a new iPhone. Apple users are not Android users – they form an attachment to their products like nobody else on earth.

        Why did Steve Jobs call up Andy Rubin to complain about the color yellow on the Google logo in the middle of the night on Sunday? Same dedication to quality. If it’s missing, we don’t like it.

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