Samsung’s new ad for Galaxy Gear stupidwatch slavishly copies Apple’s original 2007 iPhone ad (with video)

“Finally, Samsung made a great ad that the people like,” Obama Pacman reports. “I wonder why.”

“Matthew Panzarino (@panzer), senior editor of Techcrunch noticed that Samsung is trying to pass off a copy of the original iPhone TV ad as its own,” Obama Pacman reports. “Surely the ripping off the first TV ad of the iconic Apple iPhone by Samsung is totally a coincidence.”

“And the funny thing is that while the Apple iPhone revolutionized the phone industry, the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch is universally panned,” Obama Pacman writes. “That’s because similar to the HP Slate that tried to preempt the rumored Apple iPad tablet, the Samsung watch is based on rumors of the Apple iWatch. Without an actual iWatch to copy, Samsung can’t make a useful product.”

Apple’s original 2007 for iPhone:

Samsung’s slavish copy of Apple’s original 2007 for iPhone:

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Pitiful.

At this point, we have to ask if this is a cultural disconnect? You know, like giving someone in Iran a “thumbs up.”

Can any of our South Korean readers tell us, “Is there actually a concept of copying the work of others and/or intellectual property ownership in South Korea?” Also, if so, “Is there a concept of shame and embarrassment over doing so?”

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  1. “At this point, we have to ask if this is a cultural disconnect? You know, like giving someone in Iran a “thumbs up.”

    Yes MDN, like rewriting history and republican lies about the shutdown.

      1. BTW, I am a Republican, and COMPLETELY blame the Republicans for the shutdown.

        Obamacare *is the law*, and it was validated by the Supreme Court. Thus, it is the law, and should be implemented, until and unless FURTHER laws are passed that change it.

        Until that comes, the rollout of a VALID LAW should not cause roadblocks in normal day to day business.

        If I ever get a chance, I will vote against Ted Cruz and anybody else directly involved in this shutdown.

  2. I was at a restaurant last night and saw the ad from a distance and ran to the TV. I thought, Wow Apple is launching the iWatch with TV ad! And then the ad ended. Samdung has yet copied Apple again. Unbelievable.

  3. Perhaps it’s easier to copy a successful ad in another culture than to take the time to learn what appeals to that culture? Also, let’s not forget that it has been culturally acceptable to copy other’s stuff forever in Asian cultures. I remember quite well in the ’70s purchasing copied U.S. music cassette tapes in Taiwan, taking them home and immediately copying the songs to quality cassettes before actually using them, because the poor quality cassettes weren’t good enough for more than a few playings before they degraded. I was in the Navy at the time and didn’t have access to the latest stateside music from legitimate sources.

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