Gold craze: Chinese turn iPhones into ‘gold’ with $2 stickers

“Apple Inc.’s gold iPhone 5S is selling like hotcakes,” Lorraine Luk reports for The Wall Street Journal. “For impatient customers wanting to skip the preorder queue (or cheapskates who want to save a few bucks), golden stickers offered by some smart Chinese merchants are a quick option.”

“Dozens of online stores are selling the golden handset stickers for iPhones in China, transforming models of other colors into the popular gold variety,” Luk reports. “The cost of this cheap makeover could be less than US$2 in some cases, according to postings on Alibaba’s retail platform”

Apple's elusive Gold iPhone 5s
Apple’s elusive Gold iPhone 5s
Luk reports, “Thousands of the stickers have been sold through stores on in less than a month, reflecting strong demand for the golden device in China.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. I can see an advantage to those who already have gold iPhones, put the stickers on to “protect” your phone, without having to change it’s look. I mean you want to show off your nice new phone. Then if someone says “hey he’s got a dumb gold sticker on his phone” then show them it’s the real deal. I don’t know I am just jibber jabbing. But I am exited about something that looks like it could be a form of skeuomorphic protection of my nice new phone, whenever I get it. (any day now)

    1. Perfect protection until the day you want to trade it in only to find that :- A) You cannot remove the sticker cleanly
      B) The glue on the sticker has oxidized the aluminum cover.
      C) The sticker cover becomes excessively hot because it cannot conduct heat as efficiently as aluminum.

      Good Luck Blinging up your expensive investment!

      1. Heat issues, I could agree with, if we also agreed that every single case cover does the exact same thing. I use a bumper, so I don’t worry about heat. I am considering a transparent skin. However I worry it will change to a glossy look. A champaign colored sticker, made of a thin layer of poly vinyl and textured to look like anodized aluminum, might look just right.

        Oxidation is another thing. Anodized aluminum is by definition stained and oxidized as it’s final manufacture phase. It’s effectively a “sapphire” protective coating, as in aluminum-oxide. The same coating they include in the manufacturing of fine engineered hardwood floors among other things you should already know about.

  2. I did this to my 4S with a gold package from Slickwraps. It was inexpensive, well made, looked like brushed gold, and protected my iPhone from scratches without having a bulky case added to it (I hate making my iPhone bulky and heavy). Worked well for 2 years until some of the edges started catching on my pockets and peeling off a bit.

  3. Amazon has gold metallic contact paper that could easily turn your ordinary slate gray or white iPhone 5s into the gold version of everyone’s envy. Contact paper has been around for as long as I can remember and it comes in so many colors and textures. I’m surprised most people hadn’t thought of this a long time ago. The edges could be decently sealed using clear nail polish or very carefully done with Superglue.

  4. Thoughts:

    1) Isn’t the $2 sticker faked gold iPhone a wonderful summary of the current Chinese cultural mentality? And isn’t it a wonderful summary of the communist mentality in general? Who needs genuine anything when you can fake it with a cheap sticker? Comrade.

    2) To hell with supporting actual innovation or invention. No wonder China can’t invent anything.

    3) Why not out-do Apple and plaster on a PLATINUM sticker! That’ll make you the ENVY of everyone! Toss on a few white diamond stickers as well. And a rhinoceros horn!!!

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