Carl Icahn says firm now has $2 billion in Apple shares; another meeting with Apple in 3 weeks

“Activist billionaire investor Carl Icahn said Tuesday on CNBC that his firm has $2 billion invested in shares of technology giant Apple Inc,” Sam Forgione reports for Reuters.

“Shares of Apple rose over 2 percent on Tuesday on news that Icahn had dinner with Apple chief executive Tim Cook on Monday and “pushed hard” for a buyback,” Forgione reports. “Icahn said on CNBC that Apple’s chief financial officer [Peter Oppenheimer] was also in attendance at the dinner with Cook on Monday.”

Read more in the full article here.

MarketWatch’s Benjamin Pimentel reports: “Icahn tells CNBC: Another mtg w/ Apple in 3 weeks.”

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  1. Why is it that every time Icahn speaks about apple the stock rockets higher but when Mr. Cook speaks the stock usually takes a nosedive? Keep talking Carl!!! Tim Cook will do what Icahn says and all be will be just fine!!

    1. Matt, I am assuming you own lots of stock and are looking at APPL as nothing more than a short gain and then you will move on to Samsung or Exxon to make your next $million$ from.

      1. But why does the stock always take a nosedive when Tim Cook speaks? When Jeff Bezos speaks, Amazon jumps up. When Tim Cook speaks, investors usually run for the hills. Is that normal? Tim saying Apple is doing awesome really doesn’t cut it. Is it too much to ask for Tim Cook to say something that will pull investors into Apple instead of scaring them off?

    2. You do realize that anything Icahn suggests will result in short term gains that will benefit himself and the market in general. The impact on Apple’s long term business will be minimal or negative at worse. Taking on a large amount of debt may come back and take a bite out of our Apple.

      1. That Apple, the greatest and most profitable company on the planet should taken an ANY debt at all is utterly ridiculous. (Yes, I comprehend how idiotic US tax law makes it cheaper to go in debt than pay gouging foreign profit taxes. I include that in my ridicule).

        Apple: Debt is NEVER your thing.

    3. One wonders why if the SEC still has a job they are not investigating Mr Can for share manipulation?
      Since when do share holders meet company CEO’s without the rest of the shareholders present?
      Are the meetings sanctioned by the board? If so who is running Apple inc. if the CEO has to spend the major part of his time meeting shareholders individually?
      Why! Oh why? Oh! it is the USA, so I guess it must be okay!!!

  2. I really love reading comments on Apple blogs when the story is about the stock. Here’s a hint, you guys have no clue what you’re talking about, and judging from the characterization of the MDN editors, they don’t either. If you had a basic understanding about markets, valuing businesses, and capital structure you wouldn’t find anything wrong with what Icahn is proposing. It’s my first time commenting on this, I usually don’t bother because no one is going to get it.

    And no, this isn’t about Icahn manipulating the stock (or any other investor for that matter), it’s not about short-term pump-and-dump, or whatever other conspiracies you’ve come up with. If you’re ignorant about finance then educate yourself, or just keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.

    1. Please enlighten us with your wisdom wise one. What is this about if not for Carl’s short term gains? He owns 2 billion in Apple stock. He has a significant interest in driving the stock price up which it does every time he says he met with Tim. Carl is smart and wants both the divided to go up and the price. The sooner the dividend goes up the more he will profit over the period he own the stock. By my guess he has about 5 million shares. A dividend of $3.00 per share is 15 million. Who wouldn’t want to make that 4.00 per share and 20 million if they could. Carl must have an exit strategy for the stock. May be it’s $700 or $750 for a 1.5 billion profit. What that is only he knows.

      I’ll preface the above with I am not a financial analyst (thank the load) and don’t know what the fsck I am talking about most of the time.

    2. help me out… Are you NASDS or SEC licensed? Do you own a trading house or room? Do you represent a securities firm?

      If none of the above, how diversified is your portfolio and how long have you been trading.

      Ichan is now, by definition, intrinsically involved in insider trading and/or market manipulation.

      To tell a CEO of a company in which he has significant holdings in a private meeting to do anything to the share structure of the company is collusion and manipulation.

      It is just kind of, sort of illegal.

      At least it used to be.

    1. Don’t worry kennymccarthy, the old man just like candle-in-the wind, Strong wind can sweep through any moment.
      Before he’s gone with the wind, we shall order Carl buying $50 billion worth of Apple shares. How is that, good strategy?

  3. Carl Ichan, Wall Street manipulator.

    Apple wants to play with this dickhead? This destroyer of suckers? This wolf out for raw meat? This ignoramus who has NO concept of how Apple works, succeeds and benefits its customers?

    He sounds like a great Opposite Machine to me: Listen well to what he says, then undermine his evil with the exact OPPOSITE of what he expects of you. Well, unless of course he catches on and scams you, then you do the opposite of the opposite he tells you. Head fscker. 👿

  4. I have personally dealt with “Mr.” Icahn on two occasions. Once in SLC and once in PHX. On both occasions he was a prick and all he cared about was what was in it for him. Of course, that is the financial mentality of almost all of the business world – not just in America.

    We were offered more money than God at the time, so we thought, but would have surrendered control and eventually been completely owned by this scumbag.

    He has no intrinsic interest in Apple except what he can suck out of it. He has no soul. There, to me, is only a few more people on this planet more evil than this man.

    But that is my opinion and to most it will be a “so what”.

    I pity Apple and if Tim doesn’t get his nuts on, Apple will loose big time. If he agrees to the buy back, he sold buy all of Ichan’s shares immediately at discount, since Ichan is now involved in insider trading.


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