Apple’s iOS 7 secret weapon: Siri uses an all-new, groundbreaking way to access the Internet

“Researchers have uncovered a secret in iOS 7: under the hood Siri is using a completely new method of accessing the Internet that uses both Wi-Fi and 4G at the same time,” Mark Hattersley reports for Macworld UK.

“Officially called Multi-Path TCP [sic] [recte Multipath TCP]the new technique enables an iPhone or iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G to use both Wi-Fi and Cellular data at the same time, and switch seamlessly between the two,” Hattersley reports. “or a device that is permanently connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G the new technology could have profound effects on performance. To start with its been quietly rolled out to just Siri, but we expect Apple to widen access to further iOS apps and the operating system as a whole.”

Hattersley reports, “Christopher Mims from Quartz explains just why it’s so important: ‘This is the first time that this new means of connecting to the internet has appeared in a commercial product. That it showed up in Apple’s software and not Google’s shows that Apple’s technical chops are substantial, even when the company isn’t highlighting what it’s up to.'”

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  1. The first comment will be something along the lines of “Apple didn’t invent that, I had it in my 2002 flipphone for accessing blah-blah-blah-blah, but it was never activated.”

  2. I can’t wait for this to work with FaceTime Audio. The voice quality for FaceTime Audio is a night and day difference over cellular.

    But, if I initiate a FaceTime Audio call while I’m on Wifi, the call drops as soon as I leave Wifi coverage. Multi-Path TCP is the perfect answer for this problem. I hope they get it working with FaceTime Audio soon!

  3. Hmm. The only time Siri doesn’t work for me is when I have wifi on and I’m leaving my place or I get a brighthouse hotspot around town while driving (which is usually slow). She never flips over to LTE for me. Just spins and comes back saying she’s sorry but can’t take request, or whatever she says now. I just turn off wifi with the quickness. Just a swipe up. Lovin that feature.

  4. One reason Apple doesn’t chase the low-end masses with a cheap phone is very simple:

    Siri and the entire ecosystem may not handle massive hits from people who are not actually going to buy something, or use the system as designed.

    By keeping the price midrange, Apple prevents the floodgates of rural shepherds in India asking Siri tons of questions, just as an example, and concentrates on the people likely to be able or willing to buy or click or act.

    The myth of the missing low-cost iPhone is just ridiculous.

    Apple has the resources to absolutely optimize the target demographic for not just sales and “market share” (ice) but for follow-through, future-potential, lifetime-value (of a customer) and so on.

    Wish more people would illuminate this fact, but I guess it won’t hurt AAPL either way, the chips fall according to age-old rules about money, profit, ratios, scalability and so on.

  5. Yeah, if Apple played the low end, Siri would be clogged up with request from da hood such as:

    1) Siri, where be my ho!
    2) Siri, where can I fine me a crazy-azz cracka? I wanna play da knockout game!
    3) Siri, where be a Denny’s that take EBT cards and sh*t?

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