In poll about debt-ceiling crisis, Americans totally excited about Apple’s new iPhone 5s

“In a poll taken over the weekend about the looming debt-ceiling crisis and government shutdown, most Americans said that they were totally excited about the new iPhone 5s,” Andy Borowitz writes for The New Yorker.

“When asked about the prospect of a debt-ceiling logjam leading to a downgrade of the U.S. economy,” Borowitz writes, “seventy-two per cent of those surveyed said that the new iPhone looks like the most awesome iPhone yet.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Zeitgeist.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


      1. Washington should hire all these experts writing off APPLE as those idiots thinks that they are very smart and in their mind if they thinks if they advise Apple then they can advise Washington.

    1. … Dems who want to lower the nation’s Heath Care Costs? Or the Repubs who want to save money by surveilling women’s vaginas and cutting food stamp costs?
      Or … All of the Above?
      People can buy so many tech-toys and quibble about a few dollars in taxes? Especially those pitiful clowns who think they will eventually win the lottery and be promoted to the top 1%! BWAA-ha-ha!

      1. Yes… reduce healthcare costs by making healthcare more like the Pentagon.
        Increase privacy (of your vagina, or whatever) by giving the government access to your medical records. The NSA is loving it.
        Thanks for the satire!
        Hey, how about that new iPhone?

      2. What choo talkin’ about?!

        I’d love to see your expression when you fill out your Obamacare enrollment form and all the evasive questions your lovefest Progressive government IRS agency wants to know about you! I’d imagine that it would be PRICELESS!

        Oh and since when have the Dems lowered ANYONES cost of anything?!

  1. Curious post, MDN. If the point was to take our minds off the frustration of wonderful new phones that won’t make a whit of difference in the price of AAPL nor the confidence in the direction this company is going, it worked for a nanosecond. Thanks.

    1. When you read an excerpt, and when it is placed outside of its original context, I can see how one could possibly get confused.

      If you click on the article, you’ll realise that this is a satirist for a very well-respected liberal weekly magazine (the New Yorker).

  2. Let’s take this a new direction. Historically how would this have played out?

    Durring the Civil War, the North goes on an on, at the quality of steal produced, and the South thinks their cotton is the bee’s knees, next to linen.

    Durring the Revolution, the Brits complain, “And they tossed what in the harbor?” While the Yankees, couldn’t stop talking about maple syrup.

    The Great Depression was all about root beer, and soda pop.


  3. Haha. Clever, delicious, article.

    If you don’t understand this, you haven’t read the New Yarker article. If you have read the article, and still don’t understand, then…

    … dunno really.

    I often poke fun at Americans. Its an aussie thing, we poke fun at everything, including ourselves. Its quite endearing actually. We call it “taking the piss”…

    But i really love it when Americans poke fun at themselves.

    If you really don’t get it, even after reading the actual article, then you need a sense of humour transplant…

    1. Well, there is a disease rampant in the USA these days. It’s now called Plagus Americanus. The malady is characterized by a loose flapping of the jaws and the severing of the cranial-auditory connection. Severe cases show serious rectal-cranial inversion insertion and are fatal to the sufferers’ IQ. Epidemiology experts have located the most extensive outbreaks in state capitols and DC. Cruz is a known carrier.

  4. Very true. Everyone is distracted by shiny-shiny and meanwhile the two-party system is about to tear the economic recovery to pieces.

    I posted this back in 2010. The USA needs to form a campaign to vote out every single incumbent in Washington, regardless of party affiliation. Every last one of them. Start again. Where there is a Dem, everyone should vote GOP, and vice versa. Get entirely new blood into Congress and the Senate, and keep doing it until they get the message and actually start doing their jobs.

    1. The concept is actually a bit flawed. Voting current incumbents out and replacing them with politically opposite politicians wouldn’t guarantee new blood; it would only guarantee about the same, or similar, balance of political power. Unless the replacement politicians are completely new to the game (an impossibility), you’ll be essentially getting just the flip side of the exact same coin.

      To get the entirely new blood into the Congress and Senate, one would need to find candidates who hadn’t held a meaningful political office yet, and are nevertheless willing, intelligent and honest enough to actually run for senate/congress. Even more of an impossibility…

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