AAPL: Dramatic 48-hour shift in Apple sentiment

“Six months ago, as we forecast a second-half 2013 Apple run, it was mentioned that leg two of the rally would depend on the headlines,” Jason Schwarz writes for TheStreet.

“If headlines in the aftermath of the Sept. 10 event suggest Apple innovation is back, then the stock would be in position to run from $500 to $600. I must say that since the stock dipped below $450 on Tuesday, this 48-hour shift in sentiment has been shock and awe,” Schwarz writes. “Based on the extremely favorable iPhone 5S reviews from a variety of outlets from Wall Street Journal and USA Today, to CNET, TechCrunch and, of course, Jim Dalrymple and John Gruber, to name a few, it is now expected that there will be lines and shortages for the 5S over the coming weeks and months. The M7 coprocessor is a hit. The fingerprint Touch ID is so solid and proprietary that not even Samsung is likely to get away with a copycat version.”

Schwarz writes, “Clearly Apple is in good hands. Steve made a great choice to hand over the reins to Tim.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Cubert” for the heads up.]


  1. You are going to drive yourself nuts focusing on what Wall Street has to say about Apple and their products. Focus on the quality of the products, user experience and what you are doing with the product.

    If you want to invest Apple stock, do your research on the financial fundamentals, determine your level of risk and your investment horizons and buy the stock accordingly. If you want to gamble your money for quick returns, Las Vegas is probably a better choice- most of the drinks are free and there is a bunch of pretty girls out there that are ready to PARTY! 🙂

  2. And yet, AAPL is moving in the wrong direction. Again. Let this play out and options pass. The lines, the shortages and demands. The reality vs the AAPL price. Monday will be very interesting.

    Have a good weekend.

    1. If you really are a stock trader, you can’t possibly do well because you obviously think there is some correlation between a company’s sales and profit margin and the stock price. All you need to do to confirm that Wall Street cares not how a company actually does, but whether it can predict share price movement and hedge/bet accordingly, is to look at AAPL and AMZN.

  3. The media tends to collectively push AAPL both down AND up. It’s clearly time for the upward portion of the cycle.

    But AAPL the stock is not Apple the company. AAPL may not always be a great investment, but Apple will continue to be a great company, whether the stock price is $450 or $600.

    1. The media doesn’t push the stock anywhere. It’s the hedge fund managers, stock traders, etc. on Wall Street that do the pushing. The media has far, far less influence on the stock than you think. The only people affected by media reports are ordinary folks who try to day trade or buy a little here and there.

      1. It’s irrelevant to my point WHO does the pushing… 🙂 Obviously, the “media” does not buy or sell stock, so has zero direct influence on any stock. It’s the channel of communication for people who DO want to influence AAPL price.

      2. One fund analyst came on the news and declared he’s now out of Apple 100%. He said he took one look at the new iPhones and said they were nothing special. He stated that Android smartphones were much better and that Apple is going to get smoked by Android in China because the iPhone 5 was far too expensive. He further said that Android is going to basically squash the iPhone everywhere. He just thought all of Apple looked bad and there was no reason for his fund to hold onto Apple any longer.

        This sentiment appears to hold true for the majority of hedge fund managers. I don’t think Apple stands a chance to ever boost its share price when you look at it this way. Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, etc. and even weakened Microsoft will always be a better investments than Apple because the hedge funds managers like them. There doesn’t seem to be any way to be disliked by hedge funds and still hold a company’s share value high.

  4. The funny thing is all the ney sayers used the brilliance of Steve jobs and the absence of it to bash apple and Tim.
    Completely forgetting that the same brilliance made the choice for Tim to be Ceo!

  5. I think the $5 drop in the last hour was due to the stupid fear that Apple is stealing your fingerprint. That idiot senator is saying your fingerprint can be stolen from your device and you will never get it back. Holy shit there are a lot of stupid people in high places. You do not have to use the fingerprint device, just use passcode like before. You can cover the fingerprint reader with tinfoil. You can use the tinfoil left over from you hat construction.

    1. “a lot of stupid people in high places”

      Hey, the only thing a politician does is smile, shake hands and issue 20 second sound bites better than his opponent. Nothing said they have to pass an IQ or even a driving test.

    2. “You can use the tinfoil left over from you hat construction.”

      Sounds like a good idea but how do I do that, is there a youtube video?
      Perhaps I should write to Tim again.

      all these new tech stuff, fingerprint ID, tinfoil hats are really something! thanks for the info.

      ‘Always working for You’

    1. It’s hard keeping pace with on Wall Street on AAPL. They are so slow to respond to positive news, and so quick to respond to negative news. AAPL goes up and (lately mostly) down like an idiot roller-coaster, while Apple itself keeps innovating and profiting at steady and unstoppable pace.

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