The entire iPhone line outside Apple Store Fifth Avenue in 80 seconds (with video)

Bloomberg TV offers sped-up video of the entire line waiting to buy iPhones 5s and 5c outside Apple Store Fifth Avenue in New York City this morning.

Many iPhone 5s models are sold out and shipping has slipped 7-10 days or, in the case of the highly-sought-after gold models, into October.

Lines exceeded last year’s massive queues for iPhone 5 in New York City and elsewhere around the globe.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Haha! I installed three 13″ flat screens in my business’ bathroom, such that when your *ss lands on the toilet, you can see them under a shelf…guess what I play all day?

      That’s right, Koya…!

    1. It’s a social thing. If the weather’s nice you can chat with some people in line and maybe get some free food and drink. I mean, what the hell, it just to kill some time and get some fresh air.

  1. Best place to buy is the small out of the way store. I’m waiting a bit for mine, but on my last 3 iPhones I went to a local small ATT store. The risk is they have a small inventory but hardly any lines, perhaps several customers already in the store waiting but no big lines.

  2. I like those videos. I did one of the NYC West Side Apple Store opening. I guess there was about 350 people. It’s fun to see some people mug for the camera and some actually turn their faces so they can’t be filmed. Maybe they were supposed to be a work or something.

  3. 3 hour wait at apple in Tampa. Longest line I seen yet in the past 3 generations of phones. Coming to a 5s from a 5. Surprisingly seeing HUGE difference. Quite a bit of small things as well as a few obvious big changes… And a few big non obvious ones.
    I never noticed my iPhone 5 lag when using it as a camera. Not the picture snapping it self but the screen. The ip5 lags when moving the camera around. The 5s has no lag. It makes the ip5 look jerky when you move the camera around. Such a little thing i would have never noticed until I put my friends 5 side by side with mine and just moved around. 5s is silky smooth compared to 5. Def not a reason to upgrade but there’s a few small things that just amaze me and would have never of even guessed. I’m a happy b**** cuz I upgraded. Best thing was AT&T said I qualified for early upgrade next month. Oct 15. But when apple dude rang it up its was $550 (plus tax and AppleCare ) instead of $750 like I thought. Either way I was cool. $750 was fine cuz I didn’t have to redo the contract. But they gave me the early upgrade so I’ll take it.
    Ok diary. I will check in tomorrow and tell you how my day went. I really hope Christie didn’t see me looking at her ass. OMG… Or maybe I’m glad she did…. Hmmm. I wonder how it would look watching her walk away using the slow motion with me 5s. Don’t judge me diary. Yours truly, jacked up on red bull and iPhone bliss.

    Ps. The slow motion camera is bad f’n ass

  4. I’ve watched it through several times now, using frame-by-frame advance techniques, and I can certify there were no Samsung people trying to woo iPhone users with those big ol’ Galaxy S4 phones.

    1. HA! Could you imagine the Apple fanatic’s responses if Samsung clueless showed up with a Phablet, attempting to lure them away?

      Lots of friendly laughter would ensue from the Apple fanatics.

      “Look mommy at the funny clown with the funny phone!”

      “Fling some pennies at him junior. Maybe he’ll go bother the Microsoft Phone victims.”

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