Apple releases iTunes 11.1 with iTunes Radio

Apple today released iTunes 11.1 comes with several major new features, including:

• iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio is a great new way to discover music. Choose from over 250 stations or start a new one from your favorite artist or song. Enjoy iTunes Radio ad-free once you subscribe to iTunes Match.

• Genius Shuffle. Introducing a magical new way to experience your music library. Choose Genius Shuffle and iTunes instantly plays songs that go great together. Click it again to hear something new—enjoying your music has never been this easy.

• Podcast Stations. You can now create custom stations of your favorite podcasts that update automatically with new episodes. Your stations, subscriptions, and current play position sync over iCloud to the Podcasts app.

• Sync with iOS 7. You can now use iTunes to sync your favorite music, movies, and more to devices with iOS 7. In addition, iTunes now makes it even easier to quickly organize and sync apps to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Note: If you are using OS X Mavericks, your book library can now be found in iBooks for Mac.

iTunes 11.1 is available via Software Update.

For information on the security content of this update, please visit:

MacDailyNews Take: Buh-bye, Pandora.


    1. I knew this was going to happen. The licensing agreement with the record labels in Canada truly fuck up. We never got Pandora and unless Apple performs a miracle, iTune radio is not coming anytime soon.

  1. Never used Pandora, but have listened to the internet radio stations built into iTunes … they worked pretty good until they hit a certain listener limit and cut you off.

    Like I said, never used Pandora, but iRadio is awesome! Love how you can enter a few bands from a certain period and it is able to pick other artists’ songs with the same general “feeling”.

    LOVIN’ IT!!!

    1. I guess their IT people are as dumb as everywhere else, or their management. Why couldn’t they come out with the iTunes update yesterday? Then iOS7 today? Now there’s a 2GB Xcode update too. Dumb.

  2. Podcast Stations sounds AWESOME! I still plug in my iPhone to iTunes once a day to update podcasts, rather than subscribing through the Podcasts app, for the simple reason that I occasionally like to listen to podcasts on my Mac. Plugging in syncs the podcast files and playback positions. Now iCloud takes care of everything? SWEET!


  3. Can’t resize the itunes can be shrunk to the control bar but there’s no way to shorten it. It extends to the full screen depth. You can skip six songs per hour. Try selecting ONE artist to form a station around…you hear ONE song from that artist then a bunch of stuff you may not like.
    Not impressed yet. I own mulitple Macs (no pc’s…hate ’em) plus iphones, iPads, apple router and more… so far itunes radio isn’t much to be amazed about.

    1. Don’t know about the UK or the release version, but in beta you still had to set the iTunes preference to display Radio amongst all the other Library items. You might check Preferences in iTunes.

      1. thanks Jim, on the preferences it only shows Internet Radio and not iTunes Radio, but it is the old internet radio that was there before. Never mind, maybe it will be introduced at a later stage. At least iOS 7 in now available in the UK 🙂

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