Carl Icahn scoops up Apple stock on post-iPhone event plummet

“Apple received a rude rebuff from Wall Street Tuesday after rolling out its latest line of mobile phones, but Tim Cook’s loss may turn into a gain for Carl Icahn,” John P. Mello Jr. writes for MacNewsWorld.

“When Apple’s share price tumbled from a little north of US$500 before the announcement of the iPhone 5s and 5c to less than $470 after it, former corporate raider Icahn swooped in and began buying stock,” Mello Jr. writes. “Icahn, recently bested by Michael Dell in a struggle for control of the company Dell founded, told CBNC Wednesday that adding more Apple shares to those already in his portfolio was a ‘no brainer.'”

Mello Jr. writes, “Although Icahn framed his recent buying spree of Apple shares in terms of numbers, he may also be considering the potential of the new iPhone 5s, which seems to have been lost in all the noise about Apple shares falling. That potential will be fired by the 64-bit processor in the 5s. ‘Having a 64-bit operating system on a smartphone without changing the form factor is a phenomenal innovation,’ Trip Chowdhry, managing director for equity research at Global Equities Research, told MacNewsWorld. ‘Developers are hot about this — they’re creating more applications, and more applications means more iPhone sales,’ Chowdhry said. ‘Applications drive hardware sales. That can’t be underestimated,’ he observed. ‘Carl Icahn may be seeing that too, which is why he’s building a position in Apple.'”

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    1. I’m going on record and saying that I think the iPhone 5c will flop!

      Think about this for a moment… it’s been on sale all day and every color is still available.

      Now ask yourself this: “When was the last time any Apple iPhone has gone this long without selling out within minutes online?”

      You can’t, because it’s never happened, not ever!

      Wow, you mean after the lackluster announcement of Apple’s new iPhone 5S flagship that has not improved battery life, kept the same screen size, doesn’t offer NFC; and after Apple announced that they would prematurely obsolete the iPhone 5 (just like the iPad 3), then take the iPhone 5 internals, strip them from the aluminum case, slap them in a cheap and plastic case, give it gaudy and outright ugly colors, make it heavier then basically charge the same price as the iPhone 5 and almost as much as the iPhone 5S, why are they not flying off the shelves?

      Why would I ever upgrade a perfectly decent iPhone 5, unless I was dying to send my prints to the NSA, I wanted to brag about the fact I had a useless 64-bit operating system on a damn phone, and I had several hundred dollars to piss away?

      Either Tim Cook is a genius… or a chimpanzee with a learning disability and the attention span of a housefly could do a better job of “babysitting” Apple!

      1. I see the 5C being for price sensitive consumers who do not want much (if any) out of pocket expense when it comes time to upgrade their current phone. They are not day 1 customers looking for the latest and greatest. They will be shopping on Sep 20.

        To judge the 5C based on day 1 days is foolish.

  1. Clearly no one is impressed with Apples performance.

    Colors… Really?

    Wow, and I still can only move one FUCKING FILE AT A TIME between apps with the this retarded OS.

    Can’t search for files on my iPad… only apps, what a pathetic POS.

    Apple’s innovation is dead!

    Just look at iOS 7, nuff said!

    1. Well, you can go back to Android then…wait, since everyone here loves Marissa Meyer, then you can go use Yahoo’s new smartphone OS, which will be based on Tizen, since they are buying that. You guys are so ignorant it’s painful.

    2. “Just look at iOS 7, nuff said!”

      Damn right it’s “nuff said!”, but I have a feeling you’ll be back making the same dumbass comments over and over again.

    3. Consumers will continue to buy Apple products merely because they’re well-built, reliable products with good customer support. Most consumers don’t buy Apple products because they’re impressed with them based on some vague specs. Apple’s whole company is set up to sell lots of products to consumers using rather conservative hardware as a lure. Most consumers are not nerds overly impressed by specs. Apple’s branding will induce loyal customers in even bad times as long as their products come up to a certain standard of quality. Apple products are well-liked by a very wide range of age groups, from little children to the elderly. It almost guarantees Apple will sell a lot of products.

  2. Buy……Sell….Buy……Sell…..Buy

    What real value do these wa*kers add to the world.

    Does a company with $100Bn incash really care if its stock is $480 or $500 ?
    This is mugs playing with other peoples’ hard earned cash getting commission on every share trade and the more voliatile the market the better they can justify to themselves their value and make money. They are all useless bast*rds and some are even more useless than others.

    1. I care because as a shareholder I’d really like to know what’s going on and why Apple is always the constant target for manipulation while Amazon, Priceline and Google go practically untouched. Those stocks have been moving steadily upward for over an entire year while Apple is all over the place but mainly down. I question whether Apple is protecting itself to the fullest with all that cash it has. Apple just seems so vulnerable to raiders. Whether the stock is $480 or $500 really doesn’t mean very much but I still don’t like the reasons behind those fluctuations. Product announcements shouldn’t carry enough weight to cause a panic sell–off of 5% because the cost of a product doesn’t match analysts expectations. That’s just insane when you think about it logically.

      1. Completely agree with your sentiments as a Apple shareholder myself. I’m lost on the continuous ihate especially from the Anal-ysts towards Apple. And what is up with Amazon’s P/E of 3216?

      2. Apple is the biggest company in the world so it is goingto be a target for traders – especially those that have holding policies for the top blue chip companies.

        The legacy of SJ was to ensure that it shouldn’t transfix Apple mgmt and they should deliver products on their terms and timeline.

        That said if you are M$and deliver flop after flop or Nintendo delivering the WiiU – both of which are going to make a significant dent in revenues then you’d expect a significant impact on share value. The issue is with those who use the build up to product announcements to push the share value one way or another – as a trader, I guess it doesn’t matter which way it goes so long as you bet right. This is the useless activity that could be stopped if the traders had to pay a tax for every trade.

  3. Carl doesn’t suffer fools. That’s a good thing for all AAPL investors, Apple customers, and those who hope for the return of what we once had. The days of the Tim Cook era are numbered – finally.

  4. Most consumers do not concern themselves knowing 5S has 64 processor and some don’t understand it!
    A7 will help with Safari or any other Web browser or running some business Apps. I will await to upgrade my iPhone 5 when iPhone 6 comes out….. Really don’t see advantage …. Finger scan …. Old technology.

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