All of Apple’s iOS devices to support iBooks Textbooks

“Shortly after changing the wording regarding iOS device compatibility on its iBooks Textbooks pages, a new dedicated page for the educational e-books has been spotted in the Education section of the iOS 7 App Store for iPhone — confirming that the wording change was heralding new compatibility for iBooks Textbooks and iPhones (and by extension, iPod touch devices),” MacNN reports.

“While the section (which is currently only available to developers and testers running iOS 7) is not yet fully functional or stocked with many selections, the category artwork does appear to be optimized for the 4-inch iPhone display,” MacNN reports. “The iBooks Textbooks compatibility with iPhone and iPod Touch devices may be announced as part of the rollout of iOS 7, which is expected at the September 10 Apple media event that will also likely see new iPhone models announced.”

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    1. Mac user since 1988. iPhone owner since 2008. iPod owner since 2011. Bible owner since 1968. If I told you all the Apple devices could come into being by themselves even over thousands of years you would say I was insane. How much more complex is the human body, not to mention a planet among a vast galaxy? There is no creation without a Creator. Think Different.

      1. “There is no creation without a Creator.” Did the Creator create rational thought and science too or do those even exist? Man’s understanding of the world is growing and his expression of the virtues and values needed to have civilization move to a peaceful, harmonious existence is limited by his lack of understanding of the social and spiritual virtues in the Holy books of the world’s religions. Think.

      2. Not dissing the Bible but evolution is a fantastic process deserving awe and respect. You wouldn’t say disease spreading microbes are the handiwork of your Creator, but the same process is there, sped up and visible. Religion and science–and Apple devices–are all worthy of admiration but they have their domains of relevance.

      3. Johnny, your comment “there is no creation without a creator” is a meaningless tautology. If two bodies in space collide, they create an impact. Does the creation of that impact imply a creator? Maybe we should declare that the two bodies are creators. I suppose that’s true but it doesn’t imply that they have intelligence, let alone infinite power or benevolence or any of that.

        Try another argument. That one is stupid. 🙂

        1. Bodies in this universe exist only in the sense that matter exists which is part of creation. No one understands exactly how the creation of the universe occurs, the best guess is the Big Bang Theory, but even that is poorly understood. Something created this universe and whatever that something is has powers far beyond anything that man can imagine let alone comprehend.

          1. “something created the universe”…. does not mean that a supernatural being did. A lot can happen in 4.5 Billion years and Science (Darwin) have done an incredible job explaining the processes. You do not need religion to tell you how to live, philosophy has been studying and questioning ethics and morality for a very long time. I am in the man created god camp and not the other way around.

        2. “Argument” implies logic; “Creator” implies faith which is orthogonal to logic. Trying to discuss either in terms of the other is not productive and spirals downwards.

      1. Christo,
        It used to be called “verbal diarrhea.” Looks like it’s time for a change to “diarrhea of the keyboard.” Or mayhaps we can combine all forms into “mental diarrhea.” 😆

        1. And yet, MDN does nothing. How hard would it be to set up some filters plus some human attention, and to delete abusive and inappropriate posts?

          (Blah, blah, blah… Censorship… blah, blah. “Free speech” does not mean being able to say anything you feel like at any time to anyone. There are already enormous constraints on speech. MDN has every right – if they chose to exercise it – to delete mental diarrhea.)

          1. Funny that you say this, since you are the one who makes most of those types of comments. When someone else makes derogatory comments, you always act like a White Knight, and act all high and mighty, even though no one forgets the types of comments you make.

            1. 1. The image of “White Knight” would imply I think I’m rescuing someone. I don’t think others need me to rescue them. I don’t like how some people write, and I tell them so.

              2. Please don’t equate my derogatory comments to theirs. I NEVER call people names or swear because someone has a different political, social, philosophical or computer related opinion than mine.

              3. A few individuals are repeatedly and viciously poisonous to anyone whose opinion they don’t like. They are simple nasty. They tell others to fuck off. I tell them to fuck off. Simple as that.

              4. I NEVER initiate such language. I’m simply bouncing back what they’re putting out.

              It’s profoundly interesting to me that such people think it is fine to tell others to fuck off, but when they are the recipient, it drives them batty. I repeat my bargain to the few of you who poison this forum. It’s very simple. You stop telling people to fuck off and calling them names; I’ll stop telling you to fuck off and calling you names. What could possibly be wrong with that?

    2. Let me guess, the only books available on that platform are Creationist books and Bibles.

      Total non sequitur. Bad try.

      I’m no fan of ignorance, fake Christians or ignorant Christians. But that line is idiotic, totally off the mark.

    1. Officially, no. Technically, it could be.

      It’s never been explained why Apple doesn’t just turn the AppleTV into a fully functional iOS device. They most certainly could! One update would do it, no problem.

      There have been guesses that it’s a question of a user input device, since the Apple TV ‘officially’ only uses the simple Apple remote. Obviously, any iOS device can run an AppleTV and run rings around the simple remote. But then Apple would want to ship an iOS touch device WITH the AppleTV and provide that full functionality, which would add maybe another $99 to the price, not a good thing.

      Then there’s the Siri question. If Siri is to be used on an AppleTV you need a noise cancelation microphone to talk to it in order to remove room noise, TV noise…

      And there is other speculation, which I shall skip as I am exhausted from a busy day zzzzzzzz

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