Stupidwatch: Why Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is a flop

“Samsung yesterday demoed and announced its [US$300] Galaxy Gear smart watch,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirville. “It only works with one Samsung phone, the Galaxy Note 3, and one tablet, the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition tablet. It has ten hours of battery life.”

“Samsung’s smart watch is doomed to fail. It’s too expensive ($300 is what many people pay for phones), and it’s another device that has to be charged every day,” McElhearn writes. “With only ten hours battery life, it’ll certainly run out of juice when you need it.”

McElhearn writes, “I’m probably not the best candidate for a smart watch. If I did buy one, it would have to be cheap ($150 would probably be the upper limit), light, compact (and not looking like an iPod nano on a strap), and not need to be charged every day. The Galaxy Gear doesn’t fit those conditions, and above all, it requires one specific phone. In my book, that’s a fail.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s stupidwatch is nothing more than Physical Vaporware™.

It exists not with any sales expectations, but only for the Korean slavish copier to be able the say “we had a smartwatch before Apple” after they find out from Apple how to correctly do a smartwatch and begin stealing Apple’s innovations in order to produce salable knockoffs.

When Samsung’s next watch is released, the one that looks and acts like Apple’s iWatch, patented intellectual property and trade dress infringement be damned, Samsung will say, “We had a smartwatch before Apple.” iCal it.

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  1. Behold the essence of Samsung’s lament that Apple should be innovating in the market and not in the courts. The implication that Samsung was actually capable of anything more than this senselessly-featured wrist-brick is now laid bare. They should go back to doing what they’re good at: jerking off the US courts for a year+ while they continue to rip off real innovators.

  2. The apple I watch will be a tiny pearl of crystallised unicorn tears you insert under your fingernail. With you will physically know the time. And the display will be in your retina.

    1. Why? What are you going to use a standalone smartwatch for? Texting? Nope. No where to put even a virtual keyboard. Games? Nope. Screen’s too small. Calls? Nope. Why when you already have a phone? Email? Nope. See reason for texting.
      And I could go on longer.
      The only way a smartwatch would truly work is as a second screen for your phone, allowing you to get a quick glance at notifications just by looking at your wrist and giving you a convenient remote for music and calling.
      If they make it a standalone device, it’ll be useless, if they make it one of those fitness bands like the Nike Fuelband or the Jawbone up, it’ll be useless, because so many other devices do it better. The only way to make it work is to make it a second screen.

  3. Samsung can hardly say, “we were first.” Here’s a smartwatch from Sony that does similar things, and seems to be compatible with more Samsung devices than Samsung’s own smartwatch

    and its “street price” on Amazon is less than $100. The specs claim longer battery life too.

    And I’m glad someone is pointing out that the $299 price tag is crazy for a device like this Samsung “stupidwatch.”

  4. What I want…

    1) Waterproof. I’m going to want to use it in environments where I don’t want to expose my iPhone.

    2) Full day of battery life. I’m going to take it off when I go to bed, so I don’t mind charging it then, but wearing a dead watch on my arm isn’t going to make me happy during the day, and neither will forgetting that I took it off to charge.

    3) Utilization of physical capabilities. Custom vibration codes for emails, calls, alerts, etc…

    4) Speakerphone capability.

    5) Siri.

    6) SDK

  5. Hey Samsung:

    1) Being First-To-Market with crap only means you were First-To-Market with crap.

    2) You weren’t First-To-Market with a ‘smartwatch’ an anyway, as I already pointed out around here via a link to the gigantic Garmin smartwatch horror.

    3) It has to be tethered to one of your nasty phone things for full functionality.

    So darn.

    Oh and it’s ugly too. What a fashion statement.

    1. Yo smartwatch so ugly, Bob the Builder took one look at it and said “We can’t fix that!”

      Yo smartwatch so ugly, it made an onion cry.

      Yo smartwatch so ugly, pictures of it have the disclaimer “Viewer discretion is advised”.

      Yo smartwatch is so ugly, it scares the roaches away.

      Yo smartwatch is so ugly, when you look at it in the mirror the glass cracks.

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