Behold, the smallest working Macintosh in the world (with video)

“It stands shorter than a Steve Jobs doll. It can be held in the palm of your hand. It runs System 6, and elicits squeals of delight from vintage Mac fans,” Adam Rosen reports for Cult of Mac.It is the Smallest Mac in the World.”

“John Leake, co-host of the RetroMacCast, has created what may be the world’s smallest working Macintosh using a Raspberry Pi computer, PVC, some off-the shelf parts and a Mac emulator running under Linux,” Rosen reports. “He calls it ‘Mini Mac.'”

More info and photos in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


    1. Why should stock price influence what phone you buy??? Well, whatever, good luck with whatever you get… Just don’t come back here crying about what a piece of junk it is.

      Btw, GOOG is down $13 and change right now.

            1. Don’t be sorry Alex, and enjoy your purchase. If you ever wish to return to using an Apple product, please just tell your story here – it would be an enlightening read.

          1. rob watterson,

            is there any evidence as to that being your real name?
            more to the point, lets make it very clear here, membership or registering does not make your or anyone else’s opinions any better or more right. Nicknames and handles that are anonymously posted DO NOT automatically label one as a troll.

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            Alex never originated his comment at anyone. Larry began this, with a mild, yet direct remark to Alex, regarding a ‘shadow person’ – rather harmless in my opinion still – its disrespectful and way off topic to both the article “Mini Mac” and Alex’s decision to buy a LG is his own issue. Cubert you are warning alex – why? I use multi-nicknames here – consistently. Call me whatever you wish… its people like you who promote this type of hatred which is wrong. He is no more a troll then anyone else here – including you Cubert.

            1. I never said that an unregistered poster is automatically a troll – a person’s posting history does, like alex’s. Several long-time forum members here have never registered for whatever reason. However, a true troll won’t register because they know that they can be banned by the MDN Webmaster, hence my comment, which was pretty straightforward and non-inflammatory, certainly not troll-like by any means as you assert.

        1. Alex, a company’s stock and a company’s products are two different things! If you like a company and have both products and stock that is fine, but you really should learn to differentiate. If Apple’s stock hit $10 they would still be able to make great products you can buy.

          1. Consider your purchase of an iPhone as an investment also – then the lines are more blurred.

            Lets say Alex is unhappy with his investment in Apple stock.
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        1. Exactly alex, besides, Apple partners with both Samsung and LG – for components and video screens. Without such a partnership Apple would require to locate different companies. Why not Sony or Panasonic?

    2. It’s been going up for about a month. Get back to me when/if this midday drop becomes a trend. Until then, file the hourly ups-and-downs of AAPL under details not worth paying attention to.

        1. dont invest then

          if you are not okay with the risk of losing it all – dont play

          also – do not lose faith in Apple

          an LG phone is pretty nice – i don’t have an issue with your decision on that – I am sure its more based on pricing HTC one is very nice too – still I love iPhone – for the OS, the apps, the security, the service, the reliability, the design, for its other products – and the company — -and funny nothing to do with its stocks – though I do have some I do not worry about it or judge.

          This site has become all too focused on the stocks and not the products.

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            1. No. I PROVOKE trolls. It works beautifully and it’s fun.

              I’ve been doing it since 1995 and have served in the ranks with some terrific Mac folks on the Internet, made several friends. No regrets on my part!

              And yes, the entire endeavor is juvenile, the perfect way to counter dickheads who swagger around pretending they’re going to bully around Mac users. Darn, I bully THEM around instead. Enjoy the fireworks. 😀

          2. oh please….

            “Politically I call myself a ‘Positive Anarchist’ in that I believe in maximum choice. But I also believe in maximum responsibility for our choices, therefore being positive as opposed to irresponsible or negative.” – Derek Currie

            So tired of reading your point of view and servicing the internet by patrolling trolls – its a waste of time man – you have greater potential and can do far better.

            How about interject and talk about this article…
            yeah its a tiny story… however, cool too.

            “using a Raspberry Pi computer, PVC, some off-the shelf parts and a Mac emulator running under Linux”

            I wish, John Leake, would not call this the smallest working Macintosh, specially if it is using an emulator… this is classic clone style. A hobbyist game. It hails Apples old days but insults them at the same time… why not run off of NeXt instead?

            1. Entirely off topic:

              I enjoy being exactly what I stated. Never would I expect anyone else to be the same as myself. I don’t understand what you’re complaining about. You want other people to be a clone of YOU? Not a good idea. I as often say:

              There is no such thing as a viable monoculture. Diversity rulz. Deal with it.

              Now back to the topic…

  1. All the stocks are getting hit not just Apple. Google is down more than $13. Good luck with that LG and all the lovely Android malware that comes along with that. Not sure what the stock price and buying a phone have to do with anything.

    1. you are right, no huge connections between sales and stocks :). Generally Im upset with apple in last period, I saw apple as fast and good developers and than at one point they stopped. Look at the stock market now !!. Im out of Apple !
      Down 14$
      I dont see as issue to try something different same as I tried apple. I will not judge anyone for trying and looking for better if there is better.

      1. I think you should make your money back buy selling crappy AAPL short, it’s over for Apple now that you’ve switched (if your actually a soon to be former iPhone user), the stock is going way down now.
        Good luck with that BTW 😉

          1. So Derek, only people fluent in English (which you happened to misspell) AND are registered users can be sarcastic? 🙂

            Jaxson was only pointing out to Alex how inconsequential his actions and post are.

            1. I misspelled ‘English’. This I have to see.

              But I wasn’t attempting to rag on Jaxson. I was attempting to walk the line between ragging on him and allowing him correct what he was attempting to say as I didn’t understand his point.

              In any case: NO, I don’t like un-registered users. It bothers me. It’s great when they have agreeable things to say, not when they don’t. But who are they? You know exactly who I am.

              Anyway, thanks for clearing up his point.

            2. wpivar,

              Derek gets all excited at the slightest opportunity to plaster his – “anti-trolling campaign” onto even the most innocent of commenters. Derek dislikes anonymous posters. Excuse him, he’s only super human but not perfect. Lol.

      2. I would disagree with you regarding Apple as a fast innovator, Apple takes their time – they study the landscape and leap frog the industry. That type of innovation takes risk and careful planning.

        What I hope Apple starts doing is the hyping again – inspiring more – proclaiming the greatness of Apple and the platform – expressing the strengths – and continue to produce insanely great products rather than mild marginal improvements.

        However that said, the nature of todays markets are best to remain safe and steady – which Apple is playing well.

    1. Hi Brian
      I dont have a single problem with Mac line they are the best and it will remain like that for next 5 years.
      I see problems with iPhone and apple idea making plastic phones slow developing device etc. Same as with iPod Nano etc.
      AAPL Stock and there politics is driving me crazy.

      1. Well, Alex, you are driving many of us crazy. What is your point? We don’t really care if you invested in AAPL or if you gained or lost money. I probably lost $5000 today. But, in the long run, I believe that I will come out well ahead.

        1. Am I wrong to think, all you care about is money?
          Apple is far more interesting then its stocks.
          You really start to bore me KingMel.
          I am actuall more interested why ALEX wishes to defect.

          People like you should button up and stop commenting here. If all you see in Apple is earning off its stock then you are no better then Wall Street. I have no time for people such as you if this is the case. Apple doesn’t focus on the stocks, they do a al lot of other hard work. And pleasing the customers is first and foremost the better take here. Not downing Alex for his poet but educating him perhaps on the stocks which you are so up on… that would be more positive. Yeah, you migth have lost 5,000 so what huh. If you don’t care if Alex loses or gains – why do you think anyone cares if you bounce back?

          “I don’t spend much time on personal blogs. But feel free to kick off a conversation.” But loves to kick off, or piss off others on MDN… whats this, some pompous membership to be a smart ass… there are better places to read about Apple news… without F— Google ads.

  2. While it’s cute, it’s no great accomplishment. It’s just a Raspberry Pi running vMac. He should be concerned about heat build up the way he has it crammed in that enclosure.

    On a side note, the Pi can also run lots of other emulators, such as PS1, Genesis, SNES, MAME, etc.

      1. agreed, i would love to see more also – i run os7 classic on one of my 4 antiques… Mac Plus SE.

        John Leake, uses a Raspberry Pi computer, PVC, some off-the shelf parts and a Mac emulator running under Linux.

        Its insulting that he uses Linux and emulator – kind of saluting Android using the Linux kernel but stealing iOS look and feel.

        Good Artists copy?
        Good con-artists do… lol

        1. see and read the article, there is more seen there.

          The workmanship is rather sloppy in the back, I would imagine the Macintosh front panel comes from some toy.

          John Leake is a novel thief, but its all fun, and nice to see.

          Thank you John.

    1. Judging from its lamp switch, that may be all the thing is good for. I know you can hook up a keyboard and mouse to the Raspberry Pi. But with a monochrome screen that teeny, I’m not sure what’s the point, except to show off the proof of concept.

        1. Since when do you care if I can build my own tiny Mac? What do you have at stake regarding this topic? Are YOU the guy who built it? Did you invest in turning them out as a consumer product and you’re pissed someone is criticizing them?

          BFD either way. Go take a Midol. You’ll feel better in the morning.

      1. Obviously Derek is not here for the article. He is too happy, to troll whom he thinks is a troll. If he took the intelligent time to invest in reading the actual article, he would have seen the Mini vMac in action on the second provided video. Better yet, researched RetroMacCast 298 to listen as to what John had to say.

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