Apple says DOJ’s e-book remedies are biased in Amazon’s favor

“Apple has long maintained that the proposed remedies in the U.S. Department of Justice’s e-book price-fixing case against it are heavy-handed, lambasting them as ‘wildly out of proportion to any adjudicated wrongdoing or potential harm,'” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“nd the DOJ’s recent revision of those remedies hasn’t much changed that position,” Paczkowski reports. “In court filing released Monday, Apple berated the DOJ once again, calling its revised proposed remedies a ‘broadside masquerading as a brief’ and a ‘transparent attempt effort to attack the credibility of Apple and its counsel, and obtain an injunction wildly out of proportion to the issues and evidence in the case.'”

Paczkowski reports, “nd it asked the presiding court to order the DOJ to withdraw it and submit a new one that hews to issues it claims were actually adjudicated in court.”

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  1. Apple needs to publicly speak out in this instance. Once the rational everyday person gets a chance to evaluate the facts, I think there will be a lot of pressure on the Führer to reverse course on this matter.

  2. It’s plain that the US Gov’t is cozy with Wall Sreeet and also clear that Wall Street is propping up Amazon. After all, you don’t get to a 130 billion valuation with zero prospects for medium term profit generation without getting propped up by the blue bloods.

  3. I wonder how much it cost Amazon for 2 years of protection for its eBook monopoly and predatory pricing model, and who it was that was paid off. Was it just Amazon’s campaign contributions that bought the current administration, the DOJ, and ultimately this judge, or did they have to pay extra, or at least promise to do so. What’s Eric Holder’s (or maybe Obama’s) going price for pressuring a judge to make the “right” decision? That’s the only way to explain the illogical verdict, the draconian and unrelated proposed “remedies”, and the failure of the judge to actually pay any attention to the facts of the case.

    The prices suggested to the publishers by Apple executives were clearly upper limits on pricing, not price fixing. Average eBook prices actually went down after Apple entered the market. How Apple could have been fixing prices when it only had around 10% of the market is still a mystery. The DOJ satisfied none of the requirements to prove an anti-trust case, but the judge had her pre-conceived outcome in mind before the trial ever started. Our government is clearly for sale.

      1. “Not only does Amazon peddle Obama’s books, but its Amazon Web Services helped build the high-tech data storage and retrieval system for the Obama campaign’s get-out-the-vote operation.

        “During the campaign, the AWS solution helped facilitate the fund-raising of hundreds of millions of dollars, prioritized millions of phone calls and coordinated thousands of volunteers,” Amazon boasts on its Web site.”

        “Jeff Bezos’ $250 million purchase of the Washington Post will likely keep the paper in sync with its fabled liberal editorial bent of Watergate and Woodward and Bernstein — if the tech entrepreneur’s history of political activity is any indication.

        The purchase of one of America’s most influential papers located in the heart of the nation’s capital will also add to Bezos’ political muscle as a major Internet e-commerce player.”

        [sarc]Nope, no reason to believe that Amazon has any influence in the Obama administration. [/sarc]

    1. I will agree, setting aside the particulars, that the US government is clearly run/manipulated/paid by what amounts to a corporate oligarchy. What we see here is a battle within the corporate world, using the government as a black jack against competition. IOW: Obviously Amazon is pulling strings.

      We’ve known all year that the pressure on Apple is for them to become yet another POS biznizz that is corrupt, abusive and manipulative. This behavior is entirely self-destructive. Amazon is funking over itself as it attempts to funk over Apple. Hopefully Apple will pay no heed and will continue to be the greatest business on the planet.

      Hey Amazon:
      Still having trouble with that ‘profit’ thing, aren’t you? A might bit envious of Apple, obviously. 😛

      Oh and thanks Obama administration for proving a Democrat run executive branch can be just as corrupt as a Republican run executive branch. A plague on both your worthless parties. 👿

        1. Nah. I trust NEITHER party at this point. I’m past the ‘better of two evils’ crap. They’re BOTH evil and require removal.

          I used to deal with the REAL conservatives and REAL liberals. But now we have NEITHER. The real versions of both have been thrown off the bus and crushed under propaganda. The ‘RINO’ concept is utterly hilarious to me as I am more likely to consider them the REAL Republicans versus the insane rats who threw them aside, aka the ‘Neo-Conservatives’ aka the Neo-Con-Job, aka ‘The Crazies’ as they were called by President Reagan himself.

          IOW: To hell with both of the current ruined hellhole parties, ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican’. Trust NEITHER. Vote out of office BOTH.

          It’s time for 3rd parties who actually REPRESENT We The People. No more con-job parties allowed. No more corporate oligarchy puppet parties allowed. No more war mongering, tax raping, budget bloating, China suck-up parties allowed. Throw THEM off the bus.

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