Apple TV to add Vevo music programming

“Music-video company Vevo LLC is migrating from YouTube to the boob tube in a back-to-the-future attempt to recreate something akin to the original MTV,” Hannah Karp reports for The Wall Street Journal. “But unlike the music television of yore, the new incarnation of Vevo is supposed to generate revenue for the record companies that create the videos.”

“Vevo, a joint venture between Sony Corp.’s Sony Music Entertainment and Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group, has signed deals to deliver on-demand music videos—plus a new channel of original, 24-hour-a-day programming—via Apple TV set-top boxes and Samsung television sets,” Karp reports. “Apple Inc. could release the Vevo Apple TV app as soon as this week, according to people familiar with the matter, while Samsung Electronics Co.’s launch is likely a few weeks away.”

Karp reports, “Google bought a 10% stake in Vevo last month to cement its status as Vevo’s distribution partner for the next five-plus years, as its three-year contract approached expiration. Abu Dhabi Media Group also owns a stake in Vevo, which it bought before the website launched in 2009.”

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    1. Lets talk about features…

      Apple TV has AirPlay… allowing you to stream content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your television. Roku doesn’t have this.

      With the coming Mac OS X Mavericks, Apple TV allows you to use your television as a second computer monitor wirelessly. Roku Doesn’t.

      This fall, Apple TV will also get iTunes Radio. Roku won’t be offering this.

      So, these three points, along with whatever future plans Apple has yet to implement, makes the Apple TV the smart choice if you own iOS & OS X devices.

      I didn’t mention the content that’s on your computer, because I remember there is a workaround for Roku devices that allows it to play such content (XBMC, I believe). But that workaround isn’t all too simple to implement, making the Apple TV shine in comparison with it’s relatively simple hooks to iTunes content on your computer.

    2. I replaced my Roku with an AppleTV and am glad I did. The Roku is great and they’re always adding new things, but most are just time wasting junk. I guess if that’s how you want to spend your time it’s up to you.

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