Apple’s latest patent is a game-changer for iPad

AppleInsider has uncovered a new Apple patent for generating and manipulating 3D objects using 3D gesture inputs,” Louis Bedigian reports Benzinga.

“In short, Apple theorizes that users could interact with a touch-sensitive device (such as an iPad) by performing various hand gestures above the screen,” Bedigian reports. “This could prove to be Apple’s answer to Kinect.”

Bedigian reports, “Apple is thought to be interested in acquiring PrimeSense, the company responsible for Kinect’s technology… This patent seems to confirm Apple’s interest in motion technology. Many believe that it could be essential to the Mac maker’s plans to build a television set.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. All we know for sure is that a few years after Apple shows us how a TV should work, nearly all TVs will work that way. And the haters will say it was obvious all along.

    1. Apple should not mess around… just buy up PrimeSense (although they claim they are not for sale)… let MSFT keep their license… and let the lawyers enjoy their next round of patent battles vs Android based hardtware of the future…

      cant have enough useful patents…

    2. To be correct, this patent is not “game changer” as there are multiple patents for that both from other companies and Apple itself.

      Also, “3G-gestures” is tiresome method, which could only be used from time to time as a gimmick.

      Any gesture that requires lifting your hand rather than it being down as with case of working with smartphone or a tablet, is only a gimmick.

      1. Agreed I said something similar about smartphone hand gestures yesterday. Using gestures (bar the odd function) means the touch interface of the smart phone itself needs improvement, it is a gimmick that shows the smartphone profile as is is wrong. However I will say that though a 4 to 5 inch smart phone is the clearly the wrong place for it very small screens for example on a watch would if it has limited prime function benefit from gestures. The screen would be for more informational in that case but the main point would be that the device would always be visible rather than either tucked away making it useless or left on the table, a big undesirable design flaw. So beyond a wearable device the true gesture phone would actually be something integrated into you or your clothes not a small screened brick designed to work differently and precisely with a screen.

        Equally on a screen thats much larger than a smartphone gestures increasingly have a purpose where the screen can actively respond to those gestures be it games or related interactions. This is because such devices are very often not used directly in the hand while you interact and because they have much more interactive graphical potential for the user with a much wider purpose, its a more all round device than a phone with greater specialist uses available. So gesture can be prime for some of these though still likely to be secondary for most functions and applications.

      2. Not sure what to make of your post.. If you want to manipulate 3D objects then only using the X Y coordinates and having to keep your hands on a surface, seems daft. There is more to 3D than just spinning an object around on one axis. For instance, you can’t do immersive modelling unless you ‘are able’ to use the Z coordinate in truly hands free mode. How about fitting parts of a device together in space…you could even remotely control the process?
        Watch this…

        3D gesture integration of this sort into an iPad is not trivial, nor do I think it’s gimmicky. Apple is showing true innovation with this IMO.

      1. Nicely said, Kingmel.

        Hey, X… Somewhat along the lines of Kant’s Categorical Imperative… imagine a country full of people only like you. If there weren’t gays, the dark-haired versions of you would hate the fair-haired. Or those over 6′ would hate those under.

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  2. The key to any good patent system has to be accompanied by a good enforcement system. Unfortunately, U.S.’s patent systems are so broken that patent trolls and the evil twin (Google and Samsung) are taking full advantage of it.

    my 2 cents…

  3. Why do you think that the newest iPod touch has a FaceTime camera, but no rear facing camera ?

    As I said on the day it was announced, it has all the features needed for an affordable remote control to be used by people who aren’t already using iPhones.

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