Ashton Kutcher responds to Woz’s criticism of ‘Jobs’ biopic (with video)

“Months before Jobs’ theatrical release, Steve Wozniak — the (other) popular Apple co-founder and computer visionary — began publicly venting his concerns about the indie biopic and worrying that it would gloss over the true story of the company’s early days and Steve Jobs’ fumbles as a leader,” Erin Carlson reports for The Hollywood Reporter.

“In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ashton Kutcher — who portrays Jobs in the Open Road-distributed drama — offered a passionate response, linking Wozniak’s bad buzz to his participation in the research for Sony and Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography of the icon,” Carlson reports. “‘A couple things you have to understand. One, Steve Wozniak is being paid by another movie studio to help support their Steve Jobs film, so he’s gonna have an opinion that is connected to that, somewhat,’ said Kutcher. ‘Two, the biggest criticism that I’ve ultimately heard is that he wanted it to be represented — his contribution to Apple — fairly. And, in all fairness, the movie’s called Jobs. And it’s about Steve Jobs and the legacy of Steve Jobs, and so I think it focuses more … on what his contribution to Apple was.'”


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  1. Of course Ashton Kutcher would respond with yet another passionate tweet or blog. He’s the blogosphere darling. But apparently, the reviews coming in on his new movie, “Jobs” are what I expected – pretty bad. I am not surprised.

    I find it disingenuous that Kutcher would infer that he knows more about someone he really never knew – Steve Jobs – than Steve Wozniak, who knew the real Steve Jobs intimately. He was there at the creation, and Kutcher merely studied Jobs. That anyone would take Kutcher’s arguments, however passionate he may naively feel, is patently absurd.

    I plan to avoid watching Jobs. Apparently the script is terrible and the edit even worse. My take is that it was rushed to the screen to exploit the late Mr. Jobs’ popularity. Sometimes, it’s best for history to settle in, for better research to be done, and for a credible actor to be cast for a role, such as Helen Mirren was for “The Queen” as but one example.

    My hopes are higher for the Aaron Sorkin version. But time will tell.

    1. It’s worth nothing that it would be the viewer who would “infer” that Kutcher knew more about Jobs than did Wozniak; Kutcher would have implied the same.

      Regardless, I don’t see where Kutcher implied he knew Jobs better than Wozniak (which would indeed be ridiculous), and I certainly didn’t infer it listening to that vignette. In a nutshell, all I heard Kutcher say was that A) the film focused more on Jobs, and B) Wozniak is working with another studio on another Apple/Jobs piece, so clearly he may be biased.

      I don’t have a problem with anything Kutcher said.

    2. Regardless of whether the movie is good or bad, it is a movie about Steve Jobs, not Apple. All biopics gloss over all the shoulders that the subject stood on to become great. Woz just needs to wait for someone to want to produce “Wozniak”. Then he can be portrayed as the man behind all the success.

    1. And may we remember a lot of what Woz says these days we all shake our heads in amazement. Everyone remembers things differently, and as time distances things, your memory can often change as well. I know that happens when my sister and I have conversations about our parents. It’s amazing we were both there but often disagree with what happened, what was said, when, etc. Just because he’s Woz doesn’t mean he is infallible to aging like the rest of us. Not saying all he says is wrong, but he’s definitely saying things in this day and age about many things that are just plain weird.

  2. Lately Wozniak has been running around saying lots of crazy crap about Apple and Apple products. He’s Mr. “Apple can’t innovate.” From the Mac days on he wasn’t much involved with the company, and I gotta say it seems like nothing more than a case of sour grapes and wanting attention to me.

  3. I’ve not seen it, or Woz’s comments, but based on what’s here he does have a bit of a point. Chances are Woz will favour the one he’s paid by, and it is only a film, it can’t cover everything and it is about Jobs so of course it’s going to focus more on him. Of course, that said, the reviews don’t seem good at all.

    1. Everything I’ve ever heard about Woz, in books, articles, and from what I saw when he came into Tower Records to buy a bunch of kids whatever they want, Woz doesn’t seem exactly swayed by cash.

      I doubt his motivations, whatever they are, are that.

  4. Movies like this should capture the essence of the real person. Think Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison . . . did stuff really go down exactly that way? Only a fool would think so.

    But some people like Steve Jobs demand that they be the subject of a motion picture portrayal (3 times in Jobs’ case if you include Pirates and also the upcoming Sorkin film). So it will hit and miss, but if in the end more people appreciate that the cool device in their hand, on their lap, or on their desk did not spontaneously spring to life and connect it to a person — a group of talented people, actually — then I say drop the $20 bucks, buy some popcorn and a coke and enjoy it for what it’s worth.

    1. ” … I say drop the $20 bucks, buy some popcorn and a coke and enjoy it for what it’s worth.”

      I don’t know if the movie is good or bad, but this is my problem with Hollywood these days – the movies are not worth $20. Not anywhere close. And tag on whatever else they charge for popcorn & sugar-water? No thank you, I’ll pass.

  5. I think, as does Rush Limbaugh, that Kutcher really worked on becoming Steve Jobs in the film and it looks to me like he succeeded. Whether every conversation is 100% real doesn’t matter much if the overall impression left to the viewer is an accurate portrayal of what happened before the whole world started watching Steve’s every move. I’m really looking forward to the movie. No matter what else it does, it will serve as a dramatic reminder of what we have lost and why the sad state of affairs at Cupertino under the hapless and hopeless Tim Cook is so very unfortunate.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Nobody is Steve but Steve. But they’ve attempted to come as close as they can and it helps that Ashton is not the average actor playing the part here in that he already had a strong interest in Steve, computers, etc. and has a resemblance to the young Steve (lucky him even if he wasn’t an actor).

      Yes I’d have liked to see the “original” Steve from “Pirates of Silicon Valley” play Steve again, but from the trailer’s I’ve seen Ashton has put his heart and soul into this as much as anyone can with a very difficult part. It’s just nice to relive it all again, and I’m going to set aside perfection of exact words that were said and just enjoy it. I can’t wait to see it and suspend the reality of his death for just a few hours.

  6. Everyone calm down. It’s a movie, its pretty good, I have seen it. Is it a minute to minute docudrama chronicling Steve Jobs life? NO. Its an entertaining movie that most people will enjoy. If you want the “truest” and most “accurate” possible portrayal then you should have gotten your shit together and worked for Steve Jobs. That’s the only way most critics and self appointed “experts” on everything Apple would ever really have known the man, his company, and his legacy. As for Steve Wozniak, a certifiable genius in his own right, his day will come. The rest of the conversation is bullshit. Go buy a ticket, get some popcorn, duds, and a coke and try to enjoy yourselves.

    1. Woz new movie “Dancing with the Woz”. I love and hate the man. Love what he stood for and was one of the creators of Apple, but hate his rants and misguided anti-apple rifts.

  7. Who inserted that god awful rap BS in the trailer? I hope that is not in the soundtrack.

    As to the visual content, it looks like a Made for TV Movie.

  8. I prefer to remember what Steve jobs meant to me and how much I enjoyed release presentations for wonderful new products and features. He had excitement that we just don’t have now. I don’t want to ruin this memory with some adolescent actor and the movie industries effort to make money off of his spirit. Ill never watch it.

  9. Saw the movie last night. It was fun to relive those years. I thought Ashton did a decent job on a difficult iconic person that no one can copy really. Riding the emotional rollercoaster of pressure and responsibility with Steve during this period of super highs and super lows that he endured from the birth of Apple to his return was well portrayed. The one cool thing they missed was creating a shot of the Pirate Flag being run up over the Mac group’s headquarters. That would have been a classic moment to portray and they missed it completely. The movie was a bit like a made for TV movie but I enjoyed it.

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