Apple’s A7 processor expected to be 20% more efficient than A6; debut in ‘iPhone 5S’

“Along with predictions of a much rumored ‘iPhone 5S,’ KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s note to investors on Thursday shed some light on Apple’s new A-series system on a chip, expected to be called the ‘A7,'” AppleInsider reports.

“With each successive iPhone generation, Apple has introduced a new processor design that trumps the outgoing version in both efficiency and speed,” AppleInsider reports. “The current A6 used in the iPhone 5 was the first chip completely designed by Apple in-house, and the forthcoming ‘iPhone 5S’ is predicted to build on that architecture with a so-called ‘A7’ SoC.”

AppleInsider reports, “Kuo believes Apple’s upcoming A-series silicon to be based on the latest ARMv8 architecture… By stepping up to ARMv8, and tweaking hardware and software packages, Kuo believes Apple will manage to squeeze out a 20 percent increase in efficiency over the A6. ”

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  1. Between processors, batteries and other chips integrated into one chip, I can see phones slimming down and lightening up a lot over the next 5 years or just greatly increased talk time.

    Personally, I would prefer a slimmer phone.

      1. With HDMI in and out, and USB ports, and printer ports, and laser beams, and mechanical claws that come out and bash down doors, and cranial probes, and, and, and,… wait a minute!

    1. And we should care because?
      I care about what a device does for me, not about how much RAM the CPU has or about how many bits wide the address buss is.
      Useless specmanship is at it’s root… useless

  2. I don’t think the tech industry is going to be impressed one bit with Apple’s new processor. All Samsung has to do is continue to over-clock it’s current processors and add some benchmark specific firmware to turn out higher performance specs which will have the tech-heads ooh’ing and aah’ing about how much more powerful the Android smartphones are and how the iPhone is falling behind the curve. The tech-heads are only interested in who has the highest benchmarks and then declare that the smartphone champ.

    I just hope the iPhone has increased battery life because those big display Android smartphones can really hold some huge batteries to give them much longer life even if cranked up to the max. Those huge displays cover a multitude of sins because so much more can be packed under them.

    1. Some people are obsessed with specifications and feature check lists, but most users simply don’t understand such things and choose the one that looks great and works well.

      Jony Ive’s design, the sophisticated IOS user interface and the comprehensive ecosystem will convince far more people to by iPhones than any spec sheet would.

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