iPhone 5S to offer ‘champagne gold’ color, 128GB storage options, move up to 64-bit computing, analyst predicts

“A widely-cited analyst echoed previous rumors about the iPhone 5S while adding that there will be a 128GB option for the new phone and possibly a 64-bit processor,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“Expect a new 128GB storage option for the iPhone 5S, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Thursday,” Crothers reports. “In February, Apple began offering a 128GB option on the iPad 4 for the first time.”

Crothers reports, “And gold will be a color option on the upcoming phone, Kuo said, echoing a previous report from Japanese site Macotakara. The analyst also claimed Thursday that the iPhone 5S will include a new A7 system-on-a-chip (SoC) based on ARM’s 64-bit ARMv8 architecture.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For the record, we mentioned a 128GB iPhone 5S option on Wednesday. In the same article, we also called for a color delineation between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

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  1. Please stop calling it the 5S! It needs to be a quantum leap to compete with the surging android market! Bigger screen or forget it! iOS7, biometric attribute support, and a speed/capacity bump will NOT cut it! Not with me!

      1. Exactly. Get a Blandroid phablet until Apple is good and ready probably next year to make a larger phone. IMHO the iPad, Mini or otherwise, beats a phablet any day. I just hope Apple will continue to offer a smaller iPhone too.

    1. The only thing “surging” in the Android market is malware. (And why I’m seeing two-for-one offers on the latest Galaxy phones. Because that’s the only way to make the “surging” numbers look decent.)

      1. Let us not forget; while “two-for-one” offers are indeed discounts, they are nowhere nearly as steep as they sound.

        For phones where down-payment is $200, 2 for 1 practically means that the down-payment ends up being just $100 for each phone. The subsidy part remains the same, though, which tends to be between $350 and 450, depending on the model. So, instead of paying $1,200 for two phones, the consumer is paying $1,000. The discount on each phone is less than 20%. Certainly NOT 50%, as the offer would imply.

          1. Not likely, really. It is exceedingly rare that the manufacturer will adjust the price for merchandise already in the channel. As far as they are concerned, the deal has already been made and that’s that. Any poor performance of the product is usually managed by the merchant, who then absorbs any possible losses from discounts, if the channel is stuffed and they need to move the merchandise. The rare exceptions to this are usually well publicised (when Blackberry accepted the write-down from the channel for their tablets two years ago, and when Microsoft did the same earlier this year for their own tablets).

    2. If bigger screen size is so essential, why is iPhone market share increasing in the U.S.? (the market where consumers have the money to afford larger, more expensive phones)

        1. Well, CraigNotGreg seems to say that there IS NO problem; Apple is selling every iPhone they can make (and no “BOGO” or any other discounts are required to move them), and even with almost a year-old flagship model, iPhones are outselling other devices. Apple is apparently satisfying all the fussy customers out there, so it would be easier to argue that no change is needed.

    3. iMaki, were you asleep, or did your mom take away your Internet privilege, when Apple produced the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 4S?
      In order not to piss off third-party accessory manufacturers, extending the life of each iPhone design iteration for two years, or even longer, as the previous shape carries on for several more years as the low-cost option, is by far and away the best thing that Apple can do.
      However, you don’t have the intelligence to be able to understand such a simple idea.

    4. I think Apple should put to rest the bigger is better thing to rest for once and all. Manufacture a device that plugs into the USB or Thunderbolt port and provides 4G cell service; and comes with a BlueTooth headset. Ah, yes!!! Nothing like a 11″, 13″, or 15″ cellphone, no more tiny screens!!! 😉

    1. Well, unless Apple keeps the current iPhone 5 in the lineup as the “middle” iPhone. Or if there is differentiation between the “standard” iPhone 5S, and the special “gold” version with 128GB storage.

  2. Well, back in the days of iPod mini (not many here remember, they were probably in kindergarten…), they did offer it in gold, and in the US, it was selling rather poorly (6%). However, with the world now getting an increasing share of the iPhone market, gold may actually be quite popular in some cultures around the world, not to mention its resurgence in the US, especially with fashion accessories.

  3. That’s the problem with Tim Cook, he doesn’t understand that the “blind-minor-speedbump-fanboy-upgrade” days are over!

    We did it for SJ because he could pitch us anything and inspire us… and somehow spending money and standing in line no longer mattered. It was just a small price to pay, in order to be part of that “magical” and historic period.

    I hate to break the bad news to the MDN faithful but Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. Unless this phone is completely redone, I doubt many iPhone 5 users will move.

    This guy has to be replaced before Apple is no more!

    1. Exactly HOW does the phone need to be re-done? And exactly WHAT information makes you think this is necessary.

      Let us review some minor facts:

      iPhone 5 sold more units in first weekend (and subsequent weeks) than ANY previous model in the same respective time periods;
      In recent months, iPhone seems to have arrested Android’s market share growth in the US and has begun retaking share, and this is with a flagship model that is almost a full year old (!!);
      Apple is selling every iPhone they can make and the inventory is very tight (just a few days, at most a week), with no discounts, promotions or special offers.

      So, exactly WHY should Cook be replaced? What indicators are there to show that Apple’s iPhone strategy is failing?

    2. I hate to break it to you, orandy, but a great many iPhone 5 users won’t be changing simply because, like me, they’re on two year contracts. There will be many others, however, who’s two-year contracts will be coming to an end just in time to upgrade their 4S to a 5S.
      Try using what little intelligence you have to think about things properly.

      1. “Little intelligence”?

        Some of us have money and contracts don’t matter… you broke, ignorant moron.

        Now wait in your doublewide for your contract to expire like a good boy!

  4. You may hate gold color (I know i do) but there are plenty of people that would snap one up.

    the gold ipod mini a while back actually sold quite well.

    hope they release a silver metallic 5s !

  5. The 128GB storage option will be the #1 reason for me to advance from 64GB iP5 to 5S just as I did from 64GB iPad 4 to 128GB iPad 4 in March. Can never have enough storage space.

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