Structures demolished as Apple guts HP campus for ‘Mothership’ landing area

“Apple is clearing a landing path for its new ‘spaceship’ Campus 2 in Cupertino, Calif.,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “The first work has begun, involving a salvage and destroy operation targeting sprawling structures on the former Hewlett Packard Pruneridge Campus.”

“While Apple occupies a series of other buildings on land adjacent to the HP Pruneridge complex,” Dilger reports, “the nine large HP buildings do not appear to have ever been occupied by Apple employees. Among them are the N42-N45 buildings… which once served as HP’s NonStop Advanced Technology Center.”

Dilger reports, “The technology has now stopped.”

Apple's proposed Mothership Campus
Apple’s proposed Mothership Campus

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the Schnadenfreudian symbolism is almost too rich to bear!

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    1. Expect to be shown, yet again, that you are just a useless troll.
      What you appear to have forgotten is that, whatever else people might accuse him of, Tim Cook is the acknowledged master of cost control, and wringing the best possible deals from suppliers.
      If anything, I reckon this will come in under budget, and as for environmental impact orders, this is California, such things will already have been incorporated; a building project on this scale cannot go ahead until all aspects of its environmental impact have been assessed.
      This happens here in the UK, and California has been doing this for longer than we have.
      The fact you are ignorant of these fundamental details proves what a hopeless clown you are.
      I’m sure there’s a nice freeway close to where you live, kindly go and play on it.

        1. No, I don’t think so, Freek. There is some hope of educating a moron. But a troll is a troll to the bone. You are negative to everything Apple…basically a contrarian indicator of what is reasonable in this world.

        1. … personal issue is with Rorschach,, BLN, but I saw nothing deserving of such a comment in that particular post. Unless, of course, you are a BFF of MacFreek. The original posting by MacFreek suggested this building was being erected by the Federal, or some state, government. Not so.

          1. Funny, I don’t read where MacFreek said any such thing regarding the government building it?

            But it is fair to say the government (local, state, federal) with all their zoning/regulations, will order modifications by law and the private contractor has no recourse, other than to comply for the bike wheel to be built.

  1. During the Vietnam War, a search and destroy mission meant going out to the boondocks to hunt down the Vietcong and deny them safe refuge. If you watch movies like Apocalypse Now, Col. Kilgore (played by Robert Duvall – he of the Godfather fame) 1st Calvary Division (Airmobile) helicopters playing Ride of the Valkyries when they descend on a Vietcong village is on a search and destroy mission.

    Apple’s search and destroy mission denuded HP of cover and killed off their TouchPad webOS tablet as well as any number of HP ‘dumbphones’ running Windows Mobile 6.

    And now Apple is demolishing HP’s campus buildings, aka Vietcong hootches and replacing them with its own spaceship campus. That, my friends, is how a real search and destroy mission should be conducted.

    1. Now a day, Viet Cong’s top dogs are very rich, they sneaking their $$ and children to the US to study and live, even though its people are very poor, same goes for the new rich Chinese buying real estates in Manhattan. The country is full of corruptions. BTW Vietnamese people like iPhones, MacBooks very much, and I am one of them.

    1. Many people believe that Steve Jobs was from the future because he knew so much about what was to come. But they’re wrong! Steve was not only from the future but he was an alien from the future.

      You heard it here first. 😉

  2. I was over there a few times last year while they were starting to empty out. The Tech center was kind of cool. Nice outdoor spots to eat and hang out. The rest of the buildings looked like bad 70’s carpet + cubicles – your typical corporate environment. Happy to see those mowed down to make room for this beautiful piece of architecture.

  3. behold the biggest money pit of stupid office design the world has ever seen.

    Can anyone name a single meaningful benefit of an Aerobie-shaped office? There isn’t one, and it doesn’t even look good enough to trump practical considerations.

    1. There will be spokes, leading you outside to cut across the plaza if you need to see someone on the other side.
      Besides, the funeral processions for competitors will take place in the ” Coliseum” area in the center.

            1. “An Inquiry Into Values” that was always at Steve’s command.

              One wonders if soul searching and youth defining LSD induced trips to India included another period cult classic:

              The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

              — Carlos Castaneda

              Steve embodied the power of the open mind in more ways than one …

    2. I rather like it, and would probably enjoy having lunch in the central park.

      Of course, what it really needs is a vertical-pointing gigawatt laser in the middle, launching Apple spacecraft into orbit every hour or so.

      1. The laser could be repurposed as a weapon to repel attackers, as well. Basically, every function could contribute to the main goal of expediting an escape from this cesspool of a planet

  4. MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the Schnadenfreudian symbolism is almost too rich to bear!

    Meaning that Apple is figuratively and literally taking down HP. Also, cleverly combining Schadenfreude (sp. bollocksed up) with Freudian symbolism. Freud’s Oedipus complex has the son killing the father to sleep with the mother. HP is the father, Apple the son. Identity of mother left as an exercise.

  5. The greatest blight on modern architecture is the square, because it’s cheap, it’s easy and it is about as interesting as a box of nails. Cheers to Apple for going outside of the box, and Boos to those who cannot leave it.

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