The tiny changes make you fall in love with Apple’s iOS 7

“When Apple launches iOS 7 later this year it will be the biggest overhaul the mobile operating system has ever received,” Mike Wehner reports for TUAW. “But with change comes fear, and there’s already a divide forming between those who can’t let go of the iOS they know and love and those who welcome the revamp with open arms.”

“There are a number of relatively small tweaks and additions that have really sold me on iOS 7, and they may do the same for you,” Wehner reports. “These aren’t big things that you’re likely to see on an iPhone commercial — like automatic app updating or a smarter Siri, for example — but they may indeed be just as important.”

Screenshot of Apple's iOS 7 beta 5 on iPhone 5
Screenshot of Apple’s iOS 7 beta 5 on iPhone 5

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        1. Don’t you have a life BLN? No job? No hobbies? How is it that you are compelled to comment on every single article. You seem to have to type every single thought that you have. My god man, take a break.
          You are so full of negatives that you must be one miserable person. Have you noticed how many vote you down? Your vulgarity is stupid as well. Get help mister.

          1. #1 The vulgarity is in direct response to Horseshack’s vulgarity to my previous comments.
            #2 The comments section is open for comments.
            #3 You’re free to comment on your own without commenting on my comment. You’re also free to read the other comments that are more to your liking.
            #4 I’m commenting on my dislike for iOS 7. If you happen to like it, more power to you.

            1. You know you guys should really ignore this goofball. It’s like dog barking at a fire engines wheels. He just does this to get a response you and you let him. I would bet he’s a sad lonely guy. His name describes it all I mean how would you like to be Ballmers herniated left nut. Thank goodness he can’t reproduce.

      1. No: BLN has stated that he switched from Windows to OS X after acquiring an iPhone, seven years or more after Mac OS 9 was buried in a lead-lined container in the Nevada desert.

      2. The only reason why changes have been made to iOS 6 is that Scott Forstall isn’t around to defend skeuomorphism. It doesn’t invalidate the original design of iOS 1 through to iOS 6.

        Changes that are for cosmetic reasons really to me speaks of a passing fad and will go out of fashion just as easily. iOS 6 speaks for a classic design that wasn’t broken.

        iOS 7 introduces nothing new that hasn’t been seen in Android and Windows Phone 8 and in fact copies many of the elements found there. Apple is losing its originality and is pandering to the latest fad. Classism seems to be thrown out and faddish designs that are copies of other OSes seem to be in.

            1. If everyone registered with a distinctive avatar, the dross in these forums would be well cleaned up, no mistake about that. Still, there would always remain those commenters who exhibit split personalities, maintaining brown noise in the channel and the prospect of an uncertainty principle giving rise to a lively debate, academic interchange, or slugfest.

          1. What’s wrong with you guys?! BLN is one of my favorites on this site. A real refreshment and entitled to express whatever opinions he likes or dislikes, like you yourselves. So, for God’s sake and for me and undoubtedly many others stay; for us, the crazy ones, the rebels etc, … stay!

            Respect the human, though differ in opinion, that makes you yourself human.

        1. Nope. Don’t need to appreciate ranting from nobody. ML (and MLKJ for that matter) at least found some folks interested in what they had to say. This is not a similar case.

        2. I did not say that ranting of any sort was appreciated by anyone. I attempted to imply that it was unlikely that a gadfly would be deterred by criticism even less than a historical Titan. “Appreciate” has shaded meanings.

          That you inferred otherwise is a sign that I need to I need to improve my communication skills.

    1. I find BLN’s comment similar to my hopes, expectations, and imaginations of what Apple, could (should_cocky me), release in the future.
      Apple’s got the talent and resources to shake the world of tech…and I think they will again.
      The look of the updated iOS doesn’t effect my day, but Apple’s advances have been calm/evolutionary. With baited breath and sharing BLN’s thought, I’d like to see Apple’s releases be revolutionary, or more clearly separated from the predecessor…that’s all.
      Lastly, words attacking the person and not their idea(s)…c’mon.

  1. Yeah, except for the fact that music is no longer grouped by album in the Artist view. Now I have to scroll through all 200 songs of my favorite artists, instead of being able to just select the artist and then select the album. A huge mess when you use iTunes Match and have your entire library on your phone. I guess I’ll have to make tons of playlists. Sucks. We should be able to at least toggle it somehow, or there should be like a three album threshold before it switched automatically or something.

    1. I have match, but have it turned off on my iPhone and still have everything grouped by artist and album. I load my albums from the computer, so I won’t use to much data and overload my 16 gig phone

      1. Yeah but I mostly listen to the same few artists, and I’m not going to disable a feature that I pay for, that defeats the purpose of having it. I have unlimited data, so don’t care what I use.

      1. So the guy sees something not working the way he likes, and instead of looking at his settings, he assumes that iOS 7 is just screwed up and comes on here to complain about it. Genius.


        1. That isn’t what that setting controls, dumb@ss. I have tried going through the settings and submitting complaints to Apple. You people think you’re f’in smart, but have you broken out your iOS 7 devices and tried the $hit yourselves? Shit the f”ck up!

          1. Fine, then let me ask you one simple question. If it’s really true that in iOS 7 you currently can’t navigate from an artist, to a list of albums by that artist, to a list of songs in that album, why is your comment the first we’re hearing about it? That sounds like one hell of a show-stopper of a design flaw. I would think it would be all over the place.


  2. The icon for the Apple store in OS 7 is way too similar to the icon for Amazon in OS 6. It looks like Apple is copying like Samsung does. Please rethink the design Apple.

  3. Will get used to it I suppose, but the new icon for is meaningless. The others like Notepad, weather, etc have an easy-to-understand icon, but a colourwheel for photos suggests it’s a paint program.


    The icons in iOS7 are ugly and abstracted away from concept of pictogram visual cue representing a navigation device — above all they should be easily comprehensible, and be useable without words.

    How does the color flower present photos?

    They are also inconsistent, look at Newsstand, it’s terrible and unrelated to the other icons.

    The icons look like a high school student’s attempt at drawing icons with PowerPoint. Garbage.

    1. Indeed. Clearly, in order to gain universal acceptance, a special control panel is required, one that defaults to settings amenable to real men but can be customized by wimps, gays, and women. Apple already has the disabled population covered, thankfully.

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