Samsung slows Tizen development, sources say

“Samsung Electronics reportedly has slowed down the development of its Tizen operating system, which it co-developed with Intel – a move which could dash hopes of other Android smartphone vendors expecting to grab market share from the Korea-based vendor once it began shifting to Tizen, according to industry sources,” Daniel Shen and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“The delay is reasonable since the planned shift would benefit rivals in the Android camp, including LG Electronics, HTC, Sony Mobile Communications, and Huawei, among others, and so there is no reason for Samsung to push ahead with Tizen at the moment, argued the sources,” Shen and Shen report.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: DigiTimes, so grain of salt, but stick with Android as long as you want, Samsung thieves. The more pain inflicted upon you convicted patent infringers via increased settlement benefits for Apple, the better. (Plus, knowing Samsung, Tizen is quite likely to infringe, too!)

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  1. Maybe the ITC ruling chilled them a little. I am sure they thought long and hard about having to fix the problem from there own pocket. Better to have part of patent pie problems instead the complete pie of patent problems.

  2. I’m sure Samsung copied another OS and named it there own. They don’t know how to do anything of there own design only copy others. Now that they have finally been held liable for something maybe that has shifted there thinking a little. Hopefully way more to come as far as them being liable for there copying actions.

  3. Obviously. No doubt an OS that is wholly developed by Samsung would have countless violations of Apple design patents. They just can’t help themselves… 🙂

    Might was well stick with Android.

  4. “Plus, knowing Samsung, Tizen is quite likely to infringe, too!”

    “Quite likely”? I think that is what we can safely call an understatement. Like Samsung is going to come up with an original OS, that is not a copy of iOS! That would require innovation. And it would also require them to move away from a proven, massive profit source. Why would any company do that? (Unless the pain is made bad enough.)

    1. Because Google has been telling Samsung to stop copying Apple so much or it will cause a lot of trouble for everyone. So Samsung is developing its own OS so it can copy as much as it wants w/o anyone else screaming at it (at least anyone who has any control over its supply chain).

  5. Samdung tried to walk a mile in Apple’s shoes and couldn’t even take 10 steps before they quit. They had dreams of building their own software ecosystem and making billions of dollars off their own version of the App Store but they don’t have the balls nor the skills. Your lane is chips and screens. Stay in your place and enjoy being another run of the mill box assembler.

  6. Samsung didn’t slow development intentionally. Initial development always goes well, but now Samsung is getting stuck trying to finish out the OS and include all of the features its customers already have. Very tough to do when you haven’t done it before, and without straight copying someone like Apple. Copying more complex features takes longer too, plus iOS 7 beta hasn’t been out all that long to copy.

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