Shameless Samsung’s knockoff of Apple’s Passbook goes live on some Galaxy devices

“Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Passbook feature has arrived on the Google Play Store for Android, giving select Galaxy device owners the ability to store tickets, coupons, and more,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“Samsung Wallet hit the Google Play Store on Thursday and bears a strong resemblance to the Passbook feature Apple includes on iOS,” Bostic reports. “nitial supporters for Samsung Wallet include Walgreens, Major League Baseball,,,, and Lufthansa in the United States.”

Bostic reports, “The app raised eyebrows at its debut due to its striking resemblance to Apple’s Passbook feature. Samsung even used a similar app icon when initially showing off the app.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung is a vomitous entity. They make Microsoft look like original thinkers.

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    1. Seriously. Apple’s Passbook apparently is not super popular. Albeit probably a really cool implementation. And this is with the well heeled iPhone crowd.
      Does anyone actually expect the unwashed Samsung masses to
      1) actually use a modern technology concept
      2) actually pay something

    2. This is actually pretty pathetic. All this time Android users have been crowing about how they have NFC so they don’t need a Passbook-like feature. Samsung has cut their argument out from under them.

      1. Exactly! like Siri, Googol and samsung panned siri when apple announced it, saying you should be talking to people on a phone, not your phone. And the android fans parroted the marketing talking points.

        That is until they has a chance to rip it off. Now the new improved googol voice (with AI like Siri) and S-voice are now shining examples of android innovation! and the android fans parroted the marketing talking points.

        Samsung ripping off yet another Apple innovation (like passbook) is while sad, nothing if not predictable.

        Until the courts decide to defend innovators IP (and hopefully that has begun, today!), ripoff’s like samsung will continue to steal and continue to profit from that theft.

  1. These guys are really, really lame. No conscience whatsoever, and their users have no intelligence. A great combination.

    As someone said above, their users don’t even use the web on most of the deices out there, this will be a long shot that their users will actually ‘use’ the additional copied feature.

    On another note, they are seriously pissing me off.

  2. Unfortunately, in this day and age the philosophy of ‘Anything Goes’ applies to most things. There is no longer a sense of morality, no sense of ‘right’ from ‘wrong’, it’s just a case of whether you can getaway with something and to ‘hell with the consequences’ as if anyone cares anyway.

    1. ‘Anything Goes’ from competitors is probably why Apple is currently filing over a hundred patents every week or so.

      The “next big thing” is going to be pasted top to bottom with patent applications such that copying of newly created physical shapes with Design Patent applications & functional features, & some method Utility Patent applications is going to be tighter than anything Apple has done before.

      Apple is on the warpath with Samsung and not going to let them get away with anything if they can help it.

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