Android usage in the U.S. declines for the first time

“comScore’s latest survey for US smartphone users showed that Android had 52% share of about 142 million users. That amounts to 73.84 million Android devices in use,” Horace Dediu writes for Asymco.

“comScore’s previous such survey showed that Android had 52.4% of about 141 million users. This amounts to 73.88 million Android devices in use,” Dediu writes. “It also means that Android usage in the US went down for the first time.”

Dediu writes, “Note that this has not been the case for iPhone as usage over the last six months is up by 11 million users vs. 6.6 million for Android. Indeed, iPhone gained more users than Android for the last 6 out of 8 months.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, this is without a new iPhone since last September.

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    1. Yes! And that is the story the talking heads will stick to all the way down. They did it when RIMM’s Black-berry crashed. Now, they are on the Google Samsung Android-berry slide.

      Still selling (or shipping) those smart phones in need of a secure ecosystem that are “OPENLY” filled with ads, spy-wear, mal-wear, viruses, plastics and crap. Trying to kill and replace the iOS original that people really want.

      Android is a word that stands for a copy of something that is not the real thing. Google picked a good name for their me-too crap.

      1. “Android is a word that stands for a copy of something that is not the real thing. Google picked a good name for their me-too crap.”

        great perspective. I completely agree.

        Hey are you really a trader? What do you think should I buy copious amounts of LQMT? Is apple going to use them? I want to buy like 10K shares as a gamble. I am even considering calling LQMT or blind sliding a higher up exec to get some low down. Their YoY is down from 2012, but its another penny stock i would rather have then miss out when it goes up drastically. I need to dig up their financials but that still wouldn’t clue me in on whats going on for 2014 still right?

    1. Nobody. “Using” in the case of Android is a very loose term. If you mean using them to make calls then probably all of them but if you’re talking about surfing the web, using apps, etc. then only a small percentage. I’d venture to say that a vast number of Android phones could even be had without a data plan.

      1. its another windfall for the telecos, selling feature phones with data plans to bilk uninformed suckers out of their money.

        I wonder how many coffee makers, fridges, toasters and washing machines are included in those activation numbers.

      1. I had to help someone set up a new email account on a ‘Droid yesterday. It was the most un-intuitive piece of crap i’ve seen since Windows. On an iPhone, it’s really simple. Why do they make things that should be so easy, so painfully difficult?

        And the freakin’ thing was humongous! I can’t stand these idiots who keep screamin’ that the iPhone needs to be larger. No it doesn’t. It’s a great size now & bigger isn’t better.

      2. As I said the other day in a comment, I decided to get a Samsung Galaxy S4. Now in my 3rd month, I am on my sixth replacement. The iPhone 5S can’t come too soon.

  1. Went by a Verizon store to pick up a new sim for my 4G hotspot last week and was floored by all the FUD regarding iOS and obvious pushing of Android to customers while I was there. The universality of it makes it obvious that it is coming from above the sales floor level.

    They were not just pushing the Android products- they were openly disparaging the iOS products. To the clueless, they were pushing Android stuff as hot, trendy, fresh and iOS as stale, old, outdated and backward.

    The only thing they were pushing harder were the overpriced OtterBox cases that most people do not need. Must take a hell of a markup on OtterBox stuff. This was a Verizon Store- not a franchise.

    I have accounts with both AT&T and Verizon and have never seen such obvious bias and heavy handed shill against iOS anywhere. This in an upscale, high income, high traffic area on a weekday.

  2. Oh my God so many mindless Isuck users. Get a life. Android is for smart tech oriented people who know what they want and make it theirs. Iphone is so lame the only thing that is different between Iphones is the cover each owner buys. Lol anything Iphone can do Samsung, HTC, LG can do a lot better. But anyway if you are dumb with a pack mentality and like to be told what to do, stick with Iphone. If you want your own Smartphone the brains and creativity to make it yours then Android is your smart choice.

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