Creative bankruptcy of ‘high-end’ smartphone vendors in 2013

“It is no coincidence that in just few short weeks we have witnessed the unveiling of three new high-end phones with deeply weird hooks,” Tero Kuittinen writes for Forbes. “Nokia is trying to sell the Lumia 1020 on its 41 MP camera that is good in low-light conditions. Google is trying to sell the Moto X on customized cover choices. And now LG is trying to sell the LG G2 as the first phablet with buttons on back instead of sides.”

“This cluster of oddball marketing messages is, of course, a sign of desperation,” Kuittinen writes. “There have always been vendors with strange handset sales pitches, but now the entire second tier of vendors has gone on an extended vacation on Fantasy Island. In a very short order, the Lumia 1020, the Moto X and the LG2 are going to go head to head against Apple’s new high-end iPhone and the new Samsung Note.”

Kuittinen writes, “These challengers are going to get flattened. Not only because none of these new marketing messages rises above the level of mildly ludicrous – but because they are now clashing with each other, creating a cacophony of weirdness. What consumers will end up hearing is the death rattle of the very concept of having 8-9 luxury phone vendors. If the best that powerhouses like Nokia, Google and LG can come up is this, the industry has undeniably moved on to a new era.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42” for the heads up.]

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  1. Pundits almost unanimously said the original iPhone was DOA. Why should they be any more right about the above mentioned phones?

    Don’t underestimate the stupidity of people. They will likely buy the incredibly insecure and virus-prone Andoid phones in droves. Me, I’m sticking with my iPhone (and probably a new 5s to boot).

    1. Much as I’d like to disagree with you, Microsoft lives. Windows remains the predominant computer OS. People really can be outrageously self-destructive and self-victimizing. Stupidity is relative, but there is a relatively vast number of less-than-self-respecting humans on planet Earth. Not a good thing by any measure.

  2. With the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint sensor, Apple will show these bums how to keep your high end device at the top of its game by refreshing it with creative, highly useful new features as opposed to cheap gimmicks like the Samsung Galaxy.

  3. Is it true though that an upgrade to iPhone 5 is coming at the end of October? I have heard Tim Cook talk about things being in the pipeline since last Christmas. What is it that will be so new? Is it finally a new hardware design? A bigger/better screen? A longer battery? More storage? A better camera? If the main selling point is just the battery like with the tiny bump to the MacBook Air then I will pass and wait until some real change happens. I notice a little difference between my iPhone 4S and my friend’s 5 but it is not worth paying $600.

    1. Maybe not between the 4S and the 5, but there’s a very big difference between the 4 and the 5, and there’ll be an equally big difference between the 4S and the 5S.
      Does that give you a clue?

    1. There is one legitimate competitor to Apple. It’s not LG, or HTC. It’s certainly not Nokia. It isn’t even Motorola. I’m narrowing it down so you can guess it more easily. … Give up? OK, I’ll tell you. It’s Apple. They don’t rest on their laurels. They continually make their products better. They obsoleted their own touch wheel on the iPod with the touchscreen interface. The list goes on…

      1. Apple are exceptional. Let’s hope they stay that way. The basic capitalist premise of competition in the market place is a remarkable FAIL for both smartphones and pads. That’s not to say there haven’t been efforts at actual competition. It’s just that they’ve been remarkably lame efforts. That’s not good. Apple always requires competition.

        1. Steve Jobs said it best. “When the salesman takes charge of the company…….” and his comment on the second iPod, “If someone is going to take sales away from us, I would want it to be…. us” (ok not an exact quote)..

          Just saying.

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