Apple notches yet another significant win in smartphone patent war

“In yet another significant patent win for Apple Inc., a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday revived claims brought by the company against Google Inc.’s Mobility unit over two significant patents for smartphone touchscreens,” Ashby Jones reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that the International Trade Commission erred in March, 2012 when it dismissed Apple’s claims that certain Motorola phones infringed two Apple patents,” Jones reports. “The case now moves back to the ITC for further review.”

Jones reports, “The main opinion issued Wednesday on the touchscreen patents, written by Judge Kimberly Moore, was highly technical, loaded with obscure technology and patent-law jargon. That opinion was joined by Judge Richard Linn. But Judge Jimmie Reyna, who largely agreed with his colleagues, wrote a separate opinion that, at times, praised Apple and its products. The patent ‘in this case is an invention that has propelled not just technology, but also dramatically altered how humans across the globe interact and communicate,’ he wrote. ‘It marks true innovation.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Judge Reyna sounds like a smart guy. More of judges like this, please, ASAP!

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    1. Why oh why did we get those unqualified, tech ignorant. useless and clueless dipsh*t judges before this? All of whom deserve a severe spanking and grabbed by the collar and thrown out of any courtroom where technology, patent issues and brainpower is concerned.

  1. It’s about time some judge somewhere used common sense. The judges we have had on these cases have been dolts and the decisions have been questionable to put it mildly. Not sure whose wheels were greased to move things in Apples direction but glad to see it happening. Keep fighting Apple!

  2. I guess this where the pay wall is.

    ITC reviewers don’t earn enough to be able to buy Apple products and therefore settle for 2 for 1 offers and freebies. The net result, they just don’t know what they are missing and this hurts Apple’s innovation efforts and recognition.

  3. I said before to my friend and I say again here, Tim Cook could be the busiest man on Earth!
    Yes, busier than Obama.
    He’s tackling Apple’s projects, patents, retail, environmentalism, worker conditions and supplier responsibility, US employment, investors demands, litigation across 4 continents, hiring talents…

    More importantly, he’s doing fine as a CEO at each and every one of these areas.

    I salute him!

    1. It is good of you to express your confidence in Tim Cook, Majid. His performance has not always been appreciated in this forum, and your words add balance to the discussion.

  4. This is a risk to say, but with the main judges in these cases being “Kimberly” and “Lucy” I just have to wonder how much they know or or care about techie issues. None of my sisters would give a fig about that stuff…

    Obviously a name is just a name, and gender is not the issue, exactly, but most the rabid techies I know are male, and they follow this stuff as obsessively, as I do! haha Rendering a judgement on this can require a deeper involvement than most would admit to having. A tech obsession.

    Rant if you want I’m just sayin’.

    Maybe it takes an outsider to judge things fairly, that’s possible, too.

    1. Judge Kimberly Moore holds not only a J.D. from Georgetown but also a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from MIT. She’s a techie.

      I won’t hold your feet to the fire over this gender-techie thing. You expressed an honest opinion, based on your experience. I’ll do the same. My younger sister was a game modder. I did time as a systems analyst and database admin. My older sister was “just” an editor, but two out of three ain’t bad.

      It’s true that tech-savvy women don’t carpet the planet, but there are notable enclaves, and don’t forget our place in history, either, with stellar representatives like Grace Hopper and Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace.

      1. I would say that women have always been capable of contributing to math and science, its just that society has not always appreciated nor allowed them to freely do so.

        I’m not familiar with the two names you mentioned as I’m more of a math guy but I would add Hypatia, Elana Cornaro Piscopia, Sophie Germain, and Alicia Stott (daughter of George Boole).

      2. … article: “The main opinion … written by Judge Kimberly Moore, was highly technical, loaded with obscure technology and patent-law jargon.” Obviously a clueless, uninformed, jurist who ought not be dabbling in technical issues.
        You sexist pig, you.

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